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10 Best Linux Terminal Emulators For Ubuntu And Fedora

10 best linux terminal emulators

One of the most important applications for Linux users is the terminal emulator. It allows every user to get access to the shell. Bash is the most common shell for Linux and UNIX distributions, it’s powerful and very necessary for newbies and advanced users. So, in this article, you are going to know the great alternatives that you have to use an excellent terminal emulator.

10 Best Linux Terminal Emulators

1. Terminator

The goal of this project is to produce a useful tool for arranging terminals. It is inspired by programs such as gnome-multi-term, quadkonsole, etc. in that the main focus is arranging terminals in grids.

Features At A Glance

You can install Terminator typing –

sudo apt-get install terminator

2. Tilda – a drop-down terminal

The specialties of Tilda are that it does not behave like a normal window instead it can be pulled up and down from the top of the screen with a special hotkey. Additionally, Tilda is highly configurable. It is possible to configure the hotkeys for keybindings, change the appearance and many options that affect the behavior of Tilda. Tilda is available for Ubuntu and Fedora through the package manager, also you can check its GitHub repository:

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3. Guake

It’s another drop-down terminal emulator like Tilda or yakuake. You can add features to Guake, only you must have knowledge about Python, Git, and GTK.

Guake is available for many distros, so if you want to install it, you should check the repositories of your distro.

Features At A Glance


4. ROXTerm

If you’re looking for a lightweight and highly customizable terminal emulator ROXTerm is for you. It is a terminal emulator intended to provide similar features to gnome-terminal, based on the same VTE library. It was originally designed to have a smaller footprint and quicker start-up time, and it’s more configurable than gnome-terminal and aimed more at “power” users who make heavy use of terminals.

5. XTerm

It’s the most popular terminal for Linux and UNIX systems because its the default terminal for the X Window System. It is very lightweight and simple.

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6. Eterm

If you’re looking for an awesome and powerful terminal emulator Eterm is your best choice. Eterm is a color vt102 terminal emulator intended as a replacement for XTerm. It is designed with a Freedom of Choice philosophy, leaving as much power, flexibility, and freedom as possible in the hands of the user.

Official Website:

7. Gnome Terminal

It’s one of the most popular terminal emulator used by many Linux users because it’s part of the Gnome Desktop environment and Gnome is very used. It has many features and support for a lot of themes.

It comes by default in several Linux distros but also you can install it using your package manager.

8. Sakura

Sakura is a terminal emulator based just on GTK and VTE. It’s a terminal emulator with few dependencies, so you don’t need a full GNOME desktop installed to have a decent terminal emulator.

You can install it using your package manager because Sakura is available for most Linux distros.

9. LilyTerm

LilyTerm is a terminal emulator based off of libvte that aims to be fast and lightweight, Licensed under GPLv3.

Features At A Glance

10. Konsole

If you’re a KDE or Plasma user, you must know Konsole. It’s the default terminal emulator for KDE and it’s one of my favorites because is comfortable and useful.​It’s available for Ubuntu and Fedora, but if you’re using Ubuntu (Unity) you should choose another option or maybe you should think about using Kubuntu.


We are Linux users and we’ve many options to choose the better applications for our purposes, so you can choose the best terminal for your needs although also you should check another shell for your needs, for example, you can use fish shell.

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