3 Best Evernote Alternatives With Official Linux Clients

3 alternatives to evernote on linux

Evernote is very popular note taking application allows to create, edit and delete notes from their web based application as well as Evernote client app available for Windows, Mac and all major mobile platforms. Sadly Evernote does not provide any client app for Linux. There are some unofficial clients for Evernote such as Everpad. But there are always some issues with such unofficial clients. In this article, I have come up with the list of 3 Evernote alternatives that provide all note taking features with Linux client to sync notes right from your Linux desktop.

1. WizNote

WizNote is a free note taking the application for personal use that lets Linux users sync notes right from the desktop through an official WizNote Linux client application. WizNote has great features such as  ​unlimited notes sync, create teams & groups, a commenting system that let members of your team comment on your notes, private deployment and much more.

wiznote note taking app

wiznote tagging feature

With the basic text editing, Wiznote also has a tagging feature. You can tag your notes and find all your notes tagged under a keyword. You can also disable tagging if you like.

wiznote add attachment feature

If you want to attach something to your notes then you can do so with Wiznote. It allows you to add attachments so that you can create more helpful notes.

wiznote create teams & groups

Create teams and groups with Wiznote. You can add members to your teams and they’ll be able to collaborate with your notes and can comment on your notes.

wiznote sync notes on cloud

Sync all your notes easily. Wiznote syncs your notes when you save a note but you can also click the button on the top left of the Wiznote window to sync all your notes.

How To Install WizNote In Ubuntu?

Installing WizNote is Linux is easy. Just use the following PPA on Ubuntu or Ubuntu based distributions to install WizNote.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wiznote-teamsudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install wiznote

How To Install Wiznote In Fedora?

Log in Or Sign up

You will need to sign up before you use Wiznote for note taking. Just sign up and then sign in to start using Wiznote.

sign up or sign in wiznote

2. Laverna

Laverna is another Evernote alternative on Linux. Like WizNote, Laverna also provides an official Linux client to create, edit and delete notes without going to web based application. But, Laverna is a little different than other Evernote alternatives. It does not have its own storage to store and sync notes but it can be connected with Dropbox cloud storage and all your notes will be saved in the cloud storage and this way all your notes are available every time.

Laverna note taking app

How To Install & Use Laverna In Linux?

Visit Laverna site and download Laverna compress file.

download and install laverna in linux

Extract downloaded Laverna file and run laverna.

run laverna installer in linux

Create Encryption Password and remember it. Laverna encrypts all your notes and to access your notes, you’ll require an encryption password. So don’t forget the encryption password.

laverna sync feature to dropbox

Select the synchronization method as Dropbox and click next. You can download settings backup to help you reset the app without re-entering your information.

laverna welcome message

Authenticate your Dropbox account with Laverna.

authenticate laverna with dropbox

Everything is ready! Now Enjoy creating notes with Laverna.

create notes with laverna

3. Springseed

If the above two Evernote alternatives don’t convince you because of something complex, there here is Springseed. Springseed is a very simple note taking the app for Linux. It’s simple but has the most basic features such as, simple text formatting, HTML support to make notes more attractive and easy to read and cloud sync with Dropbox so that you can use your notes on all of your devices.

springseed note taking app

The above note was created by me using HTML and CSS. You can write CSS within <style> tags and use the CSS in HTML to apply CSS to your notes.

create html notes in laverna

Springseed is only available for Ubuntu so you can install it on your other devices that have Ubuntu and sync your notes between your devices using Dropbox cloud storage feature in Springseed.

authenticate dropbox to sync laverna notes

How To Install Springseed In Ubuntu

Springseed is only available for Ubuntu Linux. You can easily download and install it on your Ubuntu box. Download it from the official site and install it using gDebi or software center or any other package installer.


That’s all! The three alternatives to Evernote are useful when you are on Linux. It’s amazing that we have these applications with fine and sleek GUI on Linux. If you’re using any other application on Linux for creating your notes then please don’t forget to mention in the comment below. Also, don’t forget to take the poll below to tell us which one is your favorite out these three applications.

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