Ambiance GREEN GTK Theme Install In Ubuntu


Ambiance theme green install in ubuntu

Description: The complete description is available here.
Credit            –  alkatraz
Installation Instructions – How to Install this theme?
License – GPL

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Amibiance-GREEN_CUSTOM2It’s an Ubuntu 14.04 Ambiance theme but tweaked for transparency and color.

Changes to the original theme:
1. Added transparency to active and inactive windows
2. Changed windows borders to 5 px -It was hard to change window size with the 1-pixel border so …
3. Changed the selection color in the OS to be more bluish (#8ea3bd).
4. Changed the color of the theme to green (#738e7b)
5. Windows borders and titlebars are now colored with mix from themes @dark_bg_color and @fg_color.
6. Added semitransparent png images for the aditional effect of windows titlebars and borders.
7. Added dark panel with the theme color in Nautilus.
8. Changed close, minimize maximize buttons in dropdown mode – used image files from the Ambiance graphite theme by ravefinity-project.
9. Moved the title of the windows to the right.
– If you want to change that behaviour modify ”-UnityDecoration-title-alignment” parameter in ”unity.css” (file is located in ”/gtk-3.0” theme folder) from 1.0 to 0.0 (if you want the default behaviour) or to 0.50 to center the title.
10. Added theme color to the LibreOffice toolbar. Now it should respect the color changes of the theme.
– If you want to disable this feature delete ”libreoffice.rc” from ”/gtk-2.0/apps” theme folder, and delete the last line ”include ”apps/libreoffice.rc” in ”gtkrc” (file is located in ”/gtk-2.0” theme folder).

Installing the theme:

1. Download and unpack the downloaded ”tar.gz” archive to your ”~home/YourUserName/.themes” folder (if there ain’t one just create it).
2. Use Unity Tweak Tool or whatever app suits you to load the theme. To install Unity tweak tool open terminal window and type in: ”sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool”, type your password, hit enter and follow instructions 🙂
3. Enjoy 😉

That’s all. Enjoy & comment, please 🙂
Ilian Dimitrov – AlKaTRaZ

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