Aptik backups your favorite pPAs/Themes and Icons/App settings in Ubuntu/Linux Mint

aptik backup ppa, applictions in linux

Setting up everything after upgrading or re-installing OS is very time-consuming. We don’t know what PPAs we had added into our system or what applications we had installed. Don’t bother now because you don’t need to remember them all. Aptik backups them all.

Aptik is a backup tool to backup and restores all your favorite PPAs, Applications, Applications settings and yeah themes too. After saving backup restore it when you install a new operating system.

Creating a backup of PPAs, applications and applications settings does not take much time and its too small to upload it on cloud storage. Although If you have installed so many themes then themes and icons backup may time some 2-3 minutes.

How to install Aptik

  • First of all, add the repository into your system.
  • Update your repositories
  • Install Aptik

How to backup Applications/PPAs/Themes and Icons/Applications settings using Aptik

$ sudo apt-add-repository -y ppa:teejee2008/ppa

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get install aptik

The installation will take some seconds and after completion, start Aptik –

install aptik to backup in linux

Start Aptik from dash in Ubuntu, If you’re using Linux Mint, start it from start menu.
  • Now you have the simple interface. First of all, browse the folder where you want to save the backups. Click on backup for Software sources or PPA and then select your favorite PPAs that you want to backup.

aptik backup linux ppa or applications settings

aptik backup linux ppa or applications

aptik backup linux applications packages

  • Downloaded packages – Backup Downloaded packages (APT Cache). You may not need to back up this one in case you’re upgrading your OS. For the latest OS, there will be the latest applications.

aptik software backup linux

  • Software Selections – Clicking backup against ‘Software Selection’ will give you a list of software you have installed. Many applications are unchecked because they are by default installed packages in Linux, and will be available if you re-install the OS. If you want to backup them too, then check them and click backup.

aptik applications settings backup in linux

  • Applications Settings – Backup settings or configurations of the applications you’ve installed. It saves your time setting each application again. Only check the applications you want to backup the settings of.

aptik backup themes and icons

  • Themes and Icons – I like this option very much. I sometimes install very nice themes and icons into my Linux distribution but after re-installation of distro nothing is there and will have to search the themes from many many themes. So I simply backup them before I re-install distro.

  • When you need to use these backup, then simply click restore and select the folder where you saved the backups.



Overall Aptik is very useful and saves lots of time when change Linux distribution.

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