Atom 1.0.7 Released, Text Editor Made For Developers


A text editor is always the best friend of any developer. Every developer passes most of his/her time programming with a text editor. So that text editor has to be unique and friendly at the same time. Then I remember Atom, one of the handiest text editors. The latest version Atom 1.0.7 released recently with some tweaks into find & replace.

As always the first step building an application or a web page or piece of software is,  a text editor. Earlier programming was not as much fun as it is today. Every month hundreds of new users are stepping toward programming of any kind. For them, text editor has to be feature-rich, quick in suggesting programming terms that they might use and most importantly, easy to use. Atom includes all of these and even more.


Atom interface is very helpful to any developer who has to open multiple files simultaneously. You don’t need to stick multiple windows side by side or one on another. You can split the editor vertically or horizontally and can edit two or more documents at the same time.

atom text editor split into left

Atom: Split Left

Features At A Glance

Atom has features that every new or experienced programmer demands. Atom supports the suggestions/automation on the language that the user is working on. Programmer just types “<htm ” but the text editors sense it and complete the tag to <html>. Not only this, it also does a closing tab for you, i.e </html>. All of these functionalities don’t seem unique because a simple HTML editor like Bluefish has these functionalities. But wait… Atom is not specifically for one language. It supports many languages and will work in the same way as it works with HTML.

  • Complete Hackable Environment
  • Similar to Sublime Text.
  • Built using latest web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.
  • Comes with Node.js support.
  • Modular Design for Maximum Customizability. Hackers can also change the core modules with their own.
  • Fuzzy Finder for better search capability.
  • Great Interface with amazing user experience.
  • Supports Packages and snippets.
  • Multiple Cursor Support.
  • Tons of shortcuts for faster navigation and project control.
  • File System Browser
  • Open Source

Atom Install plugins packages

Other than all the included packages for different functionalities, Atom allows you to install hundreds of other packages according to your needs. Search any packages from Edit >> Preferences >> Install or (CTRL + Comma). For example, for finding an autocomplete for PHP language, just type “PHP” and install anyone from results.

Install External packages

What’s New In Atom 1.0.7

Atom 1.0.7 has just released with some tweaks into ‘Find & Replace’ that make atom more handy and latest release also has the capability of dragging and dropping files & folder into the project tree.

  • Find and replace
    • The find box highlights regular expressions when the regex option is on
    • cmd-d (select-next) adheres to the current state of the ‘whole word’ option
    • Project find results are properly sorted
    • It ignores 0 length matches
    • It ignores the ‘in current selection’ option when there is no selection
    • Other small bug fixes
  • Files and folders can now be dragged and dropped into different folders in the tree view.

How To Download And Install Atom Text Editor

You can download Atom from download and install it using gdebi or by any other app in other Linux distributions. Or you can also visit the project GitHub page for updates and downloads for latest and older versions.

Best of luck! Enjoy developing! You can share your favorite text editor that you use. Obviously, those will be nice!

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