Steam To Drop Support For Ubuntu 19.10

Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution and that’s why it gets the attention of big companies like steam to design software for it. But recently, Linux community is kind of unhappy over Canonical decision on dropping Ubuntu 32-bit packages. The community already discussed that in case Ubuntu drops 32-bit Continue Reading

Basic Calculator Program | Learn Bash – Part 8

Welcome to the mini project of BASH scripting series. I hope you are excited! 🙂 We will build a simple calculator program using BASH scripting language and at the same time reinforce all the concepts already taught. In a quick summary, we’ve explored the fundamental topics on variables, decisions, control Continue Reading

For Loop – Python Programming

We have already discussed the while loop in our previous article. In this article, we will be covering the for loop. The for loop is one of the most widely used loops in programming. As you begin writing real code, you will find that you will almost always use for Continue Reading

Create New Users And Grant Permissions In MySQL

MySQL databases handle important data for websites and apps. Security is of extreme importance when it comes to handling data. So far we have been using the root user for everything. But in real websites, the root user is never used as it has access to all databases. This means Continue Reading

Number Systems Used In Computing

What are the numbers? Are they some physical entity? Some phenomena? No, They are just objects used for measuring a quantity. You must already be aware of the decimal number system that we use. It has the digits from 0-9(0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9).

Shoot Spaceships In Another Classic Arcade Hyperspace Drifter

Hyperspace Drifter is a classic arcade space shooter game. The game features beautiful 3D-like environment settings and cool flat-like spaceship art. It is lightweight too so the game does not require much computing resources unless you are playing it in maximized window mode.

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