Puppy Linux 8.0 Released

Puppy Linux is one of the tiniest Linux distros. It loads into RAM and runs from it making it faster than most Linux distributions. Puppy Linux 8.0 “Bionicpup” came out yesterday with a couple of new features and latest software.

itch A Gaming Platform For Indie Games Lovers

itch is another gaming platform that is similar to Steam and is available for multiple operating systems including Linux. This platform provides users with the latest indie games instead of AAA games. If you are open to creativity and likes playing/trying out different games, I guarantee you’ll love itch platform Continue Reading

How To Create Shortcuts On Linux Desktop

Ever had a problem creating a folder, application, file, etc shortcuts on your Linux desktop and end up not creating one at all? Good news! There is a way to get around that using a terminal program. In Linux, you create symbolic links or soft links to point to the linked Continue Reading

How To Learn Fortran – Introduction

Fortran is a programming language specially designed to perform numerical calculations, in order to fully exploit the arithmetic capabilities of all types of computers, from home PCs to supercomputers. Its name is an abbreviation: Formula Translating System, which refers to the niche to which the language is addressed: to scientists and engineers Continue Reading

UFW Firewall Configuration In Linux

When administering servers, one of the first things that must be configured to increase the security of them is to configure a Firewall, Luckily in Linux is included a default called Iptables but this firewall many see it a bit complex to configure and manage. There are simpler alternatives to use, Continue Reading

Debian Installation – Part 1

Debian is an Operating System like Microsoft Windows 10 and OS X. It is also the mother of all operating systems when one talks about its derivatives like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Zorin OS, etc. Debian has a cool installation setup that is quite beneficial to power users but a daunting Continue Reading

GNOME Pomodoro New Features

GNOME Pomodoro is a time and focus management app which improves productivity and quality of work by balancing between work and rest time. If you want to learn more about this app, click here to read the article about it in detail. A new updated version of GNOME Pomodoro is released (v0.14). The program Continue Reading

Introduction To Ansible

Whenever possible, we should automate the tasks we perform. Automate tasks will make it easy to perform them, allowing us to do all the deployments of an application that we want with fewer possibilities of committing manual errors or it will allow us to have a new machine provisioned exactly as Continue Reading

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