Cutegram 2.2.0 Telegram Client For Linux Released, Install In Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Debian Based Distros

Cutegram 2.2.0 Telegram Client For Linux Released, Install In Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Debian Based Distros

Cutegram a nice Telegram client for Linux has released Cutegram 2.2.0 with speed improvement, Username and Hashtag suggestion, search selected text on the web, bug fixes and many more. Cutegram also has support for Emoji. In this article, I’ll be showing you some more features of Cutegram and also how to install Cutegram on Ubuntu 15.04/14.10/14.04 and Linux Mint and Other Debian based Linux distributions.

Many of us use Telegram on our smartphones and tablets but if you are using Linux then you can also use Telegram on Linux by installing Cutegram. Cutegram is a completely free and open source graphical software project that has been designed from the offset to act as a Linux client for the Telegram messaging service. It offers an attractive and modern graphical user interface implemented in Qt. Cutegram also has support for Emoji and file sharing with just drag and drop style. Just drag file like image and drop it over the message window and it’s sent!

Cutegram has recently released Cutegram 2.2.0  with some improvements and features. Let’s briefly look at the changes made in Cutegram 2.2.0.

  • Smart scroll bar for dialog list
  • Username and Hashtag suggestion
  • Update translations and add Portuguese (Portugal), Spanish and Chinese (Taiwan) translations.
  • Master color enabled again.
  • Search selected text on the web.
  • Custom notifications for contact lists.
  • Speed improvement
  • Bugfix on Ubuntu packaging.
  • Video thumbnail bugfix on Windows and Mac
  • Many other improvements and Bug fixes

Cutegram 2.2.0 telegram client

How To Install Cutegram 2.2.0 In Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Debian Based Distros

You can also install on the following distros Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Pinguy OS, Elementary OS, Deepin, Peppermint, LXLE, Linux Lite, Debian, SparkyLinux, Fedora, CentOS, OpenSUSE, Mageia, OpenMandriva, ROSA Desktop, Arch Linux, Manjaro.

Add PPA first –

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:aseman/desktop-apps

Now update the system and install Cutegram

$ sudo apt-get update$ sudo apt-get install cutegram

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Red February 27, 2020 at 9:03 am

It was unable to find the PPA required to install cutegram


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