Debian 9 Complete Screenshot Tour

debian 9 Complete Screenshot Tour

The world’s most stable upstream Linux distro has just announced a point upgrade on its latest Debian 9 Stretch release. The latest version is 9.3, it comes with many corrections and improvements on the security front as well as some adjustments to cater for some other serious issues. The point release is not a new version of Debian 9 but only updates are added, so users do not need to throw away the old installation media as users can easily upgrade to an up-to-date system using an updated mirror.
So from the release, we know that this is not a major release and that only a number of packages have been upgraded for bug fixes and security reasons. Users on Debian can just update their system to take advantage of these improvements.Now let us take a screenshot tour of Debian 9.

1 – Debian boot screen

debian dual boot screen

2 – Debian Installer (GUI) has been updated to include the fixes incorporated into a stable by the point release

debian installer select language

debian configure keyboard

debian configure network

3 – You can also use the text-based installer

debian text-based installer

debian text based select language

debian installer keyboard keymap

debian configure network

debian desktop environment

4 – Default desktop appearance

debian default desktop appearance

debian application menu

debian search applications

5 -Activities Overview

debian activities overview

6 – Show applications in Activities Overview

debian show applications

7 – Use Extensions with Gnome Tweak Tool

debian extensions gnome tweak tool

8 – Activating the Applications Menu

activating application menu

debian application mate start menu

9 – Multiple clocks with World Clock

debian multiple clocks world clock

10 – New Document with Inkscape

debian new document with inkscape

11 – Five or More game screen

debian more games

12 – Quick Settings Area

debian quick settings area

13 – Notification Area with Time, Date and Calendar

debian notification area with time

14 – Power Off menu

debian power off menu

15 – Standby screen

debian standby screen

16 – All Settings Screen

debian settings manager

17 – Background and Lock Screen Changer

debian change background & lock screen

18 – Nice selection of new and old wallpapers

debian new wallpapers

19 – Default Applications including Firefox ESR and Evolution

debian default applications

20 – Add online accounts including Google. ownCloud, Facebook, Microsoft Account, Microsoft Exchange, Pocker, Flickr, Foursquare and more

debian add online accounts

21 – Manage your Privacy in the Privacy Settings option

debian privacy settings option

22 – Add more users to User Accounts

debian add more users account

23 – Improve Accessibility with Universal Access

debian improve accessibility universal access


​So there it is a quick screenshot tour of Debian 9. Debian is the most conservative Linux operating system around and as I mentioned in the beginning, the changes in this iteration are subtle and are behind the scenes.  Kindly share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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