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Deepin Packs Some More Goodness In Latest Update 15.4

deepin os 15.4

​The last time we looked at Deepin Linux distro, it was pretty awesome. It has been updated to version 15.4 and it packs some more awesomeness. So let’s see what we’ve got in the newer version Deepin OS 15.4.

Download Deepin 15.04

Deepin 15.4 is available to download. You can also get if from Baidu Cloud Disk, Sourceforge, MEGA, Google Drive, Community ISO Repository. Only a 64-bit edition is provided for the community.

Installation Requirements

​Please ensure that your computer has satisfied these requirements, if your computer is under the standard, you may not experience Deepin perfectly: CPU: Intel Pentium IV 2GHz or higher, more than 2GB RAM, 4GB or higher is recommended Disk and more than 10 GB free disk space.  

So What’s New In Deepin 15.4

Installation Improvements

​The last time we looked at Deepin, the installation process was a breeze and the developers have certainly continued in that direction. The installer has been upgraded to version 2 featuring a smart installer with a very smooth experience.

The Deepin Installer V2.0 is beautiful and easy-to-use. The installer now uses a full-screen UI with a blurred wallpaper to ensure its aesthetically pleasing. The installer can easily identify your keyboard, timezone, and location or you can enter the information manually.

When it comes to setting up your disks, simple and expert options are provided to allow you all the control you’d prefer. The installation process will also show you highlights and features of Deepin as well as a progress bar as the process goes on. The process is just a breeze.

deepin 15.4 linux installation
deepin linux login screen

Improvements to the Desktop, Launcher, and Dock

​Deepin 15.4 comes with major design upgrades across most of the desktop. The panel at the bottom remains largely the same with a fashion mode by default and an efficient mode similar to that of traditional desktops as another option. There are also optimizations for the Desktop hot corners and a few fixes have been added. The Launcher also has optimizations for the icon effects and fonts. The UI and interaction have also been improved. You can now switch between 12hr and 24hr time on the dock. The UI has also been improved with some blur effects for menus and tooltips.

deepin linux desktop

Brand New Design and Good-Looking to Control Center

​The control center sees the major changes with a brand new transparent and background blurring effect. There is a three-pane design featuring settings, weather, and notifications. The icons and text setup of the previous iteration has been replaced with icon-only buttons to access the various settings.

deepin 15.4 side pane with notifications

All your usual settings can be tweaked from this side showing settings pane. Things like personalization, default applications, display, network, sound, power, time, mouse, and touchpad can all be configured from here.

deepin 15.4 settings manager

System updates can all be initiated from here.

deepin linux material design sidebar

Optimized Hot Corner and Gestures for Touchpad

​The desktop hot corners now have brand new interaction experience and added animation guide for a demonstration to let you avoid the touch by mistake. And the system has supported multi-touch gestures for the touchpad, you can enjoy using the touchpad and forget about your mouse.

deepin hot corners

Decorated Window Manager and Elegant Wallpapers

​The interaction effects for window manager has been optimized and now you can set a different wallpaper for every workspace. The newly selected wallpapers can let you enjoy the beautiful world around us.

deepin window manager

More custom-tailored applications and others

​The developers have done a great deal of job in building tailor-made applications that fit with the design choices of Deepin. And with Deepin 15.4, a few of these applications have been pre-installed on the distro. In addition to the already available Deepin Music, Deepin Video, Deepin Terminal, Deepin File Manager, Deepin Store and Deepin Screenshot, Deeping Screen Recorder and Deepin Voice Recorder have been added.

deepin applications menu

​Other applications have also been added; Foxit Reader, QQ 8.9 on Crossover 16, Xserver and new drivers. Note that some other very useful applications include Spotify, WPS Office, and Steam were already available on the distro.

deepin wps office

Optimizations and Improvements

​The optimizations on the distro are a ton. Most are under the hood improvements while others are easily visible. Unified interface style for the login screen, lock screen and system. A lot of bugs that affected the user experience have been quashed to prevent some system crashes, missing icons and the like.

linuxandubuntu login screen
deepin linux signout screen


Deepin is keeping true to its tasks of producing a highly attractive Linux desktop at the core that is at the same time fully functional, stable and productive. The improvements are so impressive that I am convinced it won’t be long before this distro becomes a household name amongst Linux faithful. Have you tried Deepin? Share your thoughts and comments with us in the section below. Thanks for reading.  

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