Elementary OS (Freya) Beta 2 Released, Download and install to try

elementary os freya beta 2 released

Elementary OS next release codenamed Freya has reached to the second beta. The team announced beta 2 release yesterday with new features and along with almost 600 bug fixes. The release 0.3 is based on Ubuntu 14.04.

This is the last beta and team says, “You thought the day would never come, but after 6 months and almost 600 fixes we’re bringing you the next step on our way to a final release of elementary OS 0.3!”

freya elementary os beta 2 released

Features Elementary OS Freya

This beta brings HUGE changes like:

  • Better support for Samba in Files
  • New Calculator & Videos apps
  • UI improvements in Calendar, Photos, System Settings, Slingshot & more
  • Notifications & Firewall settings
  • Better and more discoverable multitasking.
  • Updated 3rd party apps (including Geary, Simple Scan, Document Viewer & more)
  • Updated development libraries (including Gtk 3.14)
  • Security and Stability improvements
  • UEFI/SecureBoot support
  • Tons of stylesheet and icon changes and fixes
  • And way more other stuff that is possibly reasonable to list here ;p

The complete list of features and changes can be found at launchpad page. Download Freya beta 2 from the beta elementary OS download page.

The team says to get involved in the development by translating Freya so that it can be used worldwide. If you’d like to get involved with the development of the elementary OS, head over to our Get Involved page 🙂

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