Fedora 22 Alpha Released And Available To Download

Fedora 22 Alpha Released And Available To Download

Feodra 22 Alpha release has been announced with many changes included. Fedora only releases two developments releases before the final one. The next release will be beta in April and the final Fedora will be released in May, 19, if everything goes well. Let’s look at the first development release Alpha.

Fedora 22 is supposed to be the best release of Fedora. I find Fedora 21 the best release of Fedora but 22 will be even more stable, full of features and beautiful. The final Fedora 22 is set to release in May.

The alpha release has also many more changes and new features to taste. I am pretty excited to see the final release in May.

Fedora 22 Alpha has been released with Fedora KDE, Fedora Xfce, Fedora LXDE, Fedora MATE, and Fedora SoaS desktop environment. KDE has Plasma 5 with numerous changes and you know KDE Plasma 5 is one of my favorites 🙂 . GNOME 3.16 is with several changes and features. 

Fedora 22 Alpha available to download

Fedora 22 final is supposed to beat the best ever release ‘Fedora 21’. The Alpha release gets many new features and improvements over Fedora 21. Let’s take a look at What’s new in Alpha release.


  • The GNOME Shell notification system has been redesigned and subsumed into the calendar widget.
  • The Terminal now notifies you when a long running job completes.
  • The login screen now uses Wayland by default. This is a step towards replacing X with Wayland, and users should not actually notice the difference.
  • Installation of GStreamer codecs, fonts, and certain document types is now handled by Software, instead of gnome-packagekit.
  • The Automatic Bug Reporting Tool (ABRT) now features better notifications and uses the privacy control panel in GNOME to control information sent.


  • The Nautilus file manager has been improved to use GActions, from the deprecated GtkAction APIs, for a better, more consistent experience.
  • The GNOME Shell has a refreshed theme for better usability.
  • The Qt/Adwaita theme is now coded complete, and Qt notifications have been improved for smoother experience using Qt-based apps in Workstation.

Under the covers:

  • The libinput library is now used for both X11 and Wayland for consistent input device handling.


  • Plasma 5, the successor to KDE Plasma 4, is now the default workspace in the Fedora KDE spin.
  • The Xfce spin has been updated to Xfce 4.12 just in time for the Alpha release. This release has an enormous number of improvements, including HiDPI support, improvements to window tiling, support for Gtk3 plugins, and many improvements for multi-monitor support.

Issues and Details

This is an Alpha release. As such, we expect that you may encounter bugs or missing features. To report issues encountered during testing, contact the Fedora QA team via the test mailing list or in #fedora-qa on Freenode.

As testing progresses, common issues are tracked on the Common F22 Bugs page.

For tips on reporting a bug effectively, read “how to file a bug report.”

Release ScheduleThe full release schedule is available on the Fedora wiki. The current schedule calls for a beta release in the middle of April, and a final release in the second half of May.

These dates are subject to change, pending any major bugs or issues found during the development process.

This Alpha release of Server & Cloud is also available. To check out What’s new in Fedora 22 Server & Cloud, Click here.

Download Fedora 22 Alpha

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Download Fedora 22 Alpha Cloud

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