Fedora 24 Released And Provides Flatpacks To Run Apps Securely

fedora 24

Fedora has been the top Red hat based Linux distributions. With each new release, there is always something good toward making the system more secure and stable. In Fedora 24, the team has taken a big step to solving a major dependency problem in Linux distributions by introducing Flatpaks project. In this release, there are few major implementations and additions that Fedora users will love.

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​Fedora 24 Is Flatpaks Capable

fedora 24 flatpaks capable

Linux applications depend on different other packages that are called apps’ dependencies. The major issue with running normal dependent apps is that when you install multiple applications that have common dependencies stored in the same location.  When you remove one application, the related dependencies also get removed that cause other applications not functioning properly. The Flatpak project is very helpful for developers as well as users. Flatpaks have all the dependencies separated with other applications and don’t affect other applications when installed or removed from the system. This way there are no chances of breaking other applications when uninstalling a flatpak.

​In previous Fedora releases, the flatpak tool was available as xdg-app. In Fedora 24 Software app will show all the installed Flatpaks.

​More Streamlined Applications Interface With QGnomePlatform

fedora 24 qgnomeplatform

When running applications under different environments, the overall interface may not behave properly according to the current user’s customizations. For example, when running Qt-based applications (for KDE) in Gnome the interface of Qt-based apps may not take effect when customizing desktop from Gnome tweak tool.

QGnomePlatform project helps to solve this issue by synchronizing settings between Gnome and Qt-based applications. The changes take effect in Qt-based applications when customizing Gnome desktop environment from Gnome tweak tool.

​Wayland As Alternative To X Display Server Communication Protocol

Wayland is a new & more secure display technology that is expected to be used by default in future Fedora release, i.e Fedora 25. Fedora 24 has Wayland but the default is X. X can be switched to Wayland in Fedora 24 from the login screen.

​Ability To Upgrade To Latest Fedora Release

It is very helpful when your system prompts you to upgrade to the latest release. From now on, Fedora releases will have the ability to detect and offer upgrades to the latest releases. The team is soon going to provide this feature through an update in Fedora 23 to upgrade to Fedora 24.

​Few More Things…

The other new things include the latest applications. Fedora 24 is shipping with LibreOffice 5.1 version with lots of improvements. The primary Fedora desktop environment is GNOME that is now to GNOME 3.20. Read more here what’s new in GNOME 3.12. All other applications have also got latest versions in Fedora 24 so good performance and more stability.


Finally, give us your opinion about Fedora 24 release. Though there are few new things they are important to make Fedora systems more robust and useful for both, developers and end users. Now the applications are more likely to be supported and no chances of breaking applications when using Flatpack. Thanks for the reading and don’t forget to give us your opinion by taking the below poll.

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