GALPon Minino Another Lightweight Linux Distribution For 10+ Years OLD Computers


Here we have “GALPon minino” another Linux distribution that is based on Debian and designed for computers older than 10 years or more. The distro comes with LXDE Desktop Environment and a set of applications that fulfills the day-to-day needs of the users without slowing down the machine.

Recently I posted an article specifying why a new Linux user might not like to install & use Lightweight Linux distributions in which I mentioned certain characteristics of a Lightweight distribution. But as mentioned in that article the lightweight Linux distros have their own benefits like easy to use, faster and so on. One of the most important benefits is that lightweight Linux can be installed on the older hardware. minino aims to provide the same benefit plus many others.
If you’ve buried your old computers somewhere in the house, then it’s time to take them out and install GALPon Minino, a distro that aims to provide, easy-to-use, faster and at the same time fully functional with the FULL version of Minino.

Ártabros 2.1 Minino Minimal

For older hardware, Minino provides a minimal system that has the least number of packages installed. Although, users can install any tools later on if they need.System Requirements
    1.0 GHz processor 
    256 MB of RAM


Ártabros 2.1 Minino Full

If users have modern computers or netbook, then the Minino full version is for them. The full version has more packages/software installed and faster in use.


1.2.3 Alguadaira Minino Minimal

If the hardware does not meet the minimum requirements then 1.2.3 Alguadaira Minino Minimal is for that traditional hardware. 1.2.3 Alguadaira Minino Minimal has the least number of packages installed.

Download i486

Rogues Diego

Rogues Diego is a version of GALPon Minino built for primary education, 3-12 Years old children. System Requirements
P4-1500MHz (or equivalent) processor
12 MB of RAM
0 GB of disk.



All versions of GALPon Minino are built specifically for older hardware but support the modern hardware too. I recommend using GALPon Minino on your older hardware for better performance and re-experience your older computers.

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