Happy Birthday The Document Foundation! Thanks For Starting The Amazing Project 4 Years Ago

happy birthday the document foundation

The foundation that really turned the way that we used to create and edit documents, presentations and all other office works in Linux. Today that foundation, The Document Foundation has turned 4. I congratulate the one team that started creating an amazing office suit, LibreOffice 4 years ago.

The Document Foundation is the foundation behind the complete office suite “LibreOffice”.  When I knew about LibreOffice, it was the same day I started using Linux. My first distribution was Linux Mint and it was installed by default on Mint. I, later on, used many Linux distributions and with most of them, I found LibreOffice. If you’re using Linux, the chances are you’ve LibreOffice installed on your Linux box.

Happy Birthday The Document Foundation

I congratulate the team for creating this project and giving us free and one of the most important tools on our Linux. I thank for creating LibreOffice 5.0 that is my favorite version of LibreOffice. I covered my news from LibreOffice and these are my favorite. When LibreOffice 5.0 was released, it’s my favorite –

Here Is LibreOffice 5.0 With More Stability And Better Performance

I like when other forks LibreOffice and Governments use them –

UK To Adopt Open Source Office “GovOffice” Based On LibreOffice

​I like whenever something new to come

LibreOffice Now Toward Cloud-Based Package, Get Ready To Welcome LibreOffice Online

Happy Birthday! The Document Foundation

Help Them Keep Growing

If you like LibreOffice and wanna help the project to keep growing then you can donate.

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