How To Upgrade From Ubuntu 15.04/14.10 To Ubuntu 15.10 ‘Wily Werewolf’

upgrade to ubuntu 15.10 from 15.04/14.10

Canonical has worked hard to make Ubuntu 15.10 a release for everybody by including features for normal Ubuntu users and developers both. To enjoy all the features that Ubuntu 15.10 has brought, just upgrade from your previous releases to Ubuntu 15.10. Follow along with me to successfully upgrade to Ubuntu 15.10.

what's new in ubuntu 15.10

If you don’t know what’s new in Ubuntu 15.10, then read our article where the features and improvements have been detailed. Also, take the poll here after you have upgraded to Wily Werewolf and tell us what you like the most in this release.

You need to first update your previous version completely. For updating your system open ‘Software Updater’ from dash and it will start checking for any available updates for your system. Download and install all the updates if the updater finds any update.

Upgrade To Ubuntu 15.04/14.10 To Ubuntu 15.10

Upgrading to Ubuntu 15.10 is very easy. Just follow the simple steps to directly upgrade from any previous Ubuntu version. If you want you can download the Ubuntu .iso file from here and install it manually from a USB or CD.

update system to get ubuntu 15.10

1. Update Your System

2. Open Software & Updates And Enable Notification For Any New Version

In order to get prompted to upgrade your system to Ubuntu 15.10, open ‘Software & Updates” and jump to Updates tab then drop down to “for any new version” for Notify me for a new Ubuntu version setting.

open software & updates for any new version

3. Check For Updates Again

After you have set to get notified for any new version of Ubuntu release, open software updater and update your system. After the update completion gets finished, you should see the option to upgrade to Ubuntu 15.10. Just hit that button.

upgrade to ubuntu 15.10

4. Now Sit And Wait Until The Setup Downloads All The Upgrade

upgrade start to ubuntu 15.10

Now this should take some time depending on your network speed. Take a cup of tea or coffee and wait. After the setup downloads confirm the installation and wait for some minutes until installation is completed. Once the installation is complete click reboot and ready to boot into your latest Ubuntu version 15.10.

After you have installed and tested all the features, don’t forget to take the poll here. What do you like the most in Ubuntu 15.10?

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