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Install Dropbox To Share Files Between Linux And Windows

install dropbox in linux

Today we will see how to install Dropbox to be able to use it without any type of problem in dual boot systems. There are many users who have a dual boot with windows and one of the many existing Linux distros. To be able to access Dropbox content in both Linux and windows without having to duplicate the content, we have to install Dropbox in the following way:

STEP 1. Mount the NTFS or FAT partition properly so that Dropbox works on both Windows and Linux

  1. The location of the Dropbox folder must be an NTFS unit that is accessible through Windows and through Linux. In my case, it is a partition in NTFS format of 200 gigabytes that I use for both Linux and Windows in order to store information.
  2. In Linux for Dropbox to work properly in an NTFS partition, it must be mounted on the system boot. To mount the NTFS partition properly and with the corresponding permissions consult the following link:

STEP 2. Install Dropbox in each of the operating OS that we have inside the same computer


dropbox start -i


We have already completed the necessary steps to install Dropbox. Now we simply have to install Dropbox in Windows. During the installation process, it is important that we choose the same folder location as in Linux. In this way, we will be able to use Dropbox in a Dual boot system without having to duplicate the content in the hard disk.

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