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KeePass Password management tool, Creates Strong Passwords and keeps them secure

If you keep your password in a notepad file or write it down or you just set password same for each website or service you sign up, then you must use this tool. KeePass password manager creates strong passwords and stores them safely.

KeePass is a free, Open-Source and useful password manager that creates a strong, random password and keep them encrypted on your HD. We to remember passwords, set same passwords for each website/services but that is making all of your accounts insecure and exposing to hackers. Once any of the websites that you’ve signed up on is compromised then most often hackers use username and passwords to open other accounts. So using same password is one way making account unsecured.

Setting different passwords is always recommended. With the help of KeePass you can generate strong password including alphabets, numbers, symbols and with different character case.

Creating entry is very simple just by clicking new entry and fill out the information, generate password and click save. You’ve also got a comment box for additional information about the entry. You don’t have option to sync all of your entries with cloud but you can do it manually by uploading a small file on Dropbox, Google drive or anywhere.

It can have a database of thousand entries and every single entry can be easily found with a search option on the top of the window. You can any fields that you remember of any particular entry.

  • KeePass supports the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES, Rijndael) and the Twofish algorithm to encrypt its password databases. Both of these ciphers are regarded as being very secure. AES e.g. became effective as a U.S. Federal government standard and is approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) for top secret information.
  • The complete database is encrypted, not only the password fields. So, your user names, notes, etc. are encrypted, too.
  • SHA-256 is used as password hash. SHA-256 is a 256-bit cryptographically secure one-way hash function. Your master password is hashed using this algorithm and its output is used as the key for the encryption algorithms.
  • In contrast to many other hashing algorithms, no attacks are known yet against SHA-256.
  • Protection against dictionary and guessing attacks: by transforming the final master key very often, dictionary and guessing attacks can be made harder.
  • In-Memory Passwords Protection: Your passwords are encrypted while KeePass is running, so even when the operating system caches the KeePass process to disk, this wouldn’t reveal your passwords anyway.
  • [2.x] Protected In-Memory Streams: When loading the inner XML format, passwords are encrypted using a session key.
  • Security-Enhanced Password Edit Controls: KeePass is the first password manager that features security-enhanced password edit controls. None of the available password edit control spies work against these controls. The passwords entered in those controls aren’t even visible in the process memory of KeePass.
  • The master key dialog can be shown on a secure desktop, on which almost no keylogger works. Auto-Type can be protected against keyloggers.

For more amazing features of KeePass Just visit the website.

You have two options to access your password files, either by creating a key file or a Master Password.

Installing KeePass in Ubuntu Or Linux Mint

KeePass can easily be installed from Software Center just search for KeePass and click install.

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