Libra 2.2 Theme Install In Ubuntu 15.04/14.10  

Description – Version 1.1 Ubuntu Unity 14.10, Gnome 3.12, XFCE(xubuntu 14.10) Version 2.2 Ubuntu Unity 15.04, Gnome 3.14, XFCE(xubuntu 15.04) Version 2.2 is only for GTK3.14. If you have older versions of GTK, it may not work properlyGTK2 engines requirement – GTK2 engine Murrine
– GTK2 engine pixbuf

Fedora/RedHat distros:  yum install gtk-murrine-engine gtk2-engines

Ubuntu/Mint/Debian distros: sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-murrine gtk2-engines-pixbuf

ArchLinux: pacman -S gtk-engine-murrine gtk-engines

Initial project derived from Flattastic-Blue.
Credit            –  dolkand
Installation Instructions – How to Install this theme?
License – GPL

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