LibreOffice Now Toward Cloud Based Package, Get Ready To Welcome LibreOffice Online

LibreOffice online cloud based release announcement

LibreOffice has been competing with the two giant companies Microsoft Office and Google Docs. Here is another step from this open source community to make LibreOffice in reach of every platforms’ users. LibreOffice has announced the release of LibreOffice Online soon in near future. Open-Source fans are ready to welcome the efforts of The Document Foundation including IceWarp and Collabora Companies.

LibreOffice a very good alternative for the popular Microsoft Office.  LibreOffice is being developed the ‘The Document Foundation’. LibreOffice has been improved a lot since the release of LibreOffice 4.4.

But this time The Document Foundation announced through Italo Vignoli the release of LOOL (LibreOffice Online)  in the cloud. Although LOOL development start was announced in 2011 and now in recent future, we’re going to use it. Now, much after 2011, we will be watching the release announcement.

libreoffice cloud based package linux opensource

According to me, the best about LOOL is that it is completely hosted by The Document Foundation itself, no any third party at all unlike Office 365 and Google Docs.

LOOL will include complete full document fidelity with LibreOffice desktop versions. All file types supported by Writer, Calc, and Impress will also be supported by LOOL, including OOXML and tens of other formats. No online office suite has achieved complete document fidelity across versions and devices. LOOL Would be the first. Fidelity is achieved by using the same rendering engine as LibreOffice desktop (via LibreOffice it).
Editing features will initially be similar to LibreOffice Editor for Android. They will provide a subset of the features available in LibreOffice desktop versions.

libreoffice online cloud release news

The web client will not need any plugin at all. Only Java Scrip and HTML 5 will be used. The web client will run on any device with modern browsers.

Now a bit about the release date. Well, there has not been any date announced yet but It is expected Open source or LibreOffice fans will not have to wait for long. I, personally curiously waiting for LOOL to use.

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