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‘Linux Administration Bootcamp: Go From Beginner To Advanced’ One Of The Best Linux Courses

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We are in the age of the tech revolution. Everything is happening so fast. There are these little devices called smartphones and watches, while there are some hardcore huge servers taking up whole buildings. Now, in both of them, as well as everything in between, there is something called Linux. This Linux is an operating system that provides you the power to command the hardware, which otherwise is just an electricity flowing silicon junk.

We host websites such as youtube in servers and at the same time watch them remotely from our desktop personal computers. So, somewhere we all are using Linux while we may not be aware of it. So, for all the people right now in IT careers as well as the people who want an IT career, Linux is an essential qualification. So, today we will see one such course which has taught by an author of two Linux books. Before that, we will first look at the whole purpose of learning Linux.

Why Should One Learn Linux?

Well, to start with Linux is not just an operating system, but a gateway to a different dimension of the software world. It is full of free and open software. It has more than “just for money” software. It is a community that is far more powerful than a commercial entity such as Windows or Mac. Well, these are kind of philosophical and have to do more with personal preferences. These are the reasons why many Linux enthusiasts are in Linux world. But there are other reasons too which make it more of a logical choice:

  • To boost your career. Linux is becoming an essential qualification for promotions and other career options.
  • To learn the command line which is far more powerful and efficient than GUI. This will definitely boost your performance as a system administrator.
  • To better handle your tasks of Linux servers and security.
  • To enter the world of Linux with unlimited possibilities waiting for you. Linux is more related to open source and software freedom more than any other thing. You will find a lot of opportunities to earn, grow and contribute.  ​

What Does This Course Provide?

It is a video tutorial course. So, everything that is taught is applied into practice right there. You will see that every lesson has more than just commands. It also teaches you lots of tips and tricks which are useful in the practical sense. The whole course is intended for administrators of servers although most of it applies to desktop too. As a bonus, we also have a few tutorials from the book of command line kung fu.  

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Structure Of The Course

The course starts with an overview of what we will be learning in this course. Then we will see how to get Linux and how to install it. We will see different methods of installation. It is a bit slow-paced at first. But from the third chapter, we will be moving at a medium pace. The third chapter deals with fundamental commands and properties of files in Linux. The fourth deals with intermediate skills that build upon the previous skills you learned.

From here onward, the course moves faster. The content involves boot process, logging, user management, disk management, networking, advanced knowledge with the bonus command line kungfu tutorials which will supplement all the knowledge you have picked up so far. Every bit of this course is a bare essential for any system administrator.

Linux bootcamp master the linux course overview


  • The whole course is well structured and planned. Each chapter builds upon the previous one and makes it easy for the learner to grasp the concepts.
  • This course is not taught by just a Linux user. The author has been a well-known author of Linux books intended for beginners. We will see him soon.
  • The course is comprehensive. It involves all the basics of Linux we can think of.


  • Expensive ( But there is a surprise discount below).
  • Well, that is the only con. But that’s not much if this is going to help you get a boost in your career as well as your skills. And you are going to get an extra discount as readers of LinuxAndUbuntu.

Currently, Udemy is providing a huge discount on courses under which you can subscribe to this course at $15 instead of $200. But let me also tell you that this offer is for a limited time. At the time of writing this post, the offer is ending in 3 days.

But don’t worry. If you’re a LinuxAndUbuntu writer, I have a special link below that you can use to get this course at $15 even after the Udemy offer ends.

Subscribe course $15

Jason Cannon is a professional Linux system administrator, consultant, and author. He has been in the Linux world for more than 17 years. His work involves many companies such as HP and Amazon. He has received a great response to his clear teaching methods. You can read all about that in the reviews section of the course.

Course Details

URL:    Linux Administration Bootcamp: Go From Beginner To Advanced
length:    7.5 hrs
Cost:    $200

But there is a discount of 92% provided by Udemy. Don’t take out your calculator now. It means the cost is now $15. You think that’s a piece of good news. At the time of writing this post, the offer is ending in 3 days.

Now, as you are a visitor of our linuxandubuntu.com, I will be providing this offer even after the Udemy $15 ends (click above button). Like we discussed above, the only con is the cost. Now, as the cost is also almost a Pro of this course, I strongly recommend the people who want to learn Linux to enroll right now.

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