Linux Foundation Launches LFD301, Introduction To Linux, Open Source Development and Git Course For New Linux Users/Developers

The Linux community is very large, it’s around the globe. The community works very hard to solve new Linux users’ issues. But The Linux Foundation has been working hard to not just solve issues of individual users but also train them the best and easiest way possible. The Linux Foundation has introduced many courses from beginner level to Kernel development. Recently The Linux Foundation has launched LFD301, Introduction  To Linux, Open Source Development and Git.

The Linux Foundation

About the Linux Foundation, it promotes, protects and takes care of the growth of Linux around the globe. In collaboration with its members, the Linux Foundation has done the great work in promoting Linux and competing with other closed source systems. There is a lot to say about the Linux Foundation but you can read all about it on the Linux Foundation website’s FAQs page.

Why One Should Learn Linux?

When asked about learning Linux, the first question arises is that why somebody should invest his/her time in learning Linux. There are other operating systems then why Linux.

Computing is not just about browsing the web or listening to favorite music but there is a lot that you can achieve with it. If you’re running a business, your business’s websites can be easily managed by Linux or if you’re looking for working as server administrator, then Linux is the first choice there. Today the Linux is everywhere from your mobile phones, Smart TVs, Refrigerators, Gaming consoles to Airplanes, Science labs, large industries, etc.

If you look around, approximately everything is running Linux. The major part of the Internet is built using Linux. Most of the largest websites/services are built on Linux, for example –  Google, Facebook, Amazon, Amazon and you name it, it’s running on Linux. 9 out 10 supercomputers are running Linux. But the best part is that it’s increasing day by day.

In the time of this rapid growth of Linux, one must be aware of Linux to start off his journey into development. When talking about Linux it’s not just development, you can do everything general that you can with other systems. For example, you can watch your favorite movies, play games and surf the web the whole day, just easier with the power of Linux.

LFD301, Introduction To Linux, Open Source Development and Git

Introduction to linux, open source development and git

The Linux Foundation has introduced many other courses just focusing the new Linux users but LFD301 has something more to offer. LFD301 is not more than just the basics of Linux. Although you don’t require any previous knowledge of Linux systems.

LFD301 focuses on the introduction to Linux which is must for one to start with Linux. The second it teaches the open source development.

I have gone through the course outline and I analyzed that the course is really a good one for beginners. It teaches the introductions to Linux, Why to use open source, OSS Licensing, and Legal Issues and it also teaches Shells, bash and the command line. The complete outline you can see below this article.

Get A Free Dell Chromebook With The Purchase Of Instructor-led Training Courses

“We want students of Linux to experience a Linux desktop and Chromebooks are a great way to do that – either through Google’s Linux-based OS or by installing one of the many Linux distros available. We hope this offer can provide the freedom Linux developers and IT professionals value and spark new ideas and discoveries as they embark on our Linux training program.”

Jim Zemlin
Executive Director, The Linux Foundation

Enroll Now – LFD301 – Starting From Jun 13th – Jun 16th

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