Linux Kernel 3.19-rc6 Released

One more rc released today shortening the time period for the final release. Each release sees new changes and fixes and this one is slightly smaller but as always better.

Another rc, another week closer to release. And this one is slightly

smaller than rc5 was, although smaller still would always be better.
But like rc5, none of the changes look particularly scary, and over a quarter were cc’d for stable, so things look to be on track. I currently expect to make an rc7 next week, with the final 3.19 in two weeks, as per the usual schedule.

The statistics look very normal, with the patch being about 70% driver changes (a Dell laptop platform driver revert being the biggest single patch, but there’s networking, media, gpu, gpio, sound..) and about 14% arch updates (x86 and arm are the biggest ones, but there are small updates to others too) and the rest is mostly scattered all over (documentation updates, some networking, some filesystem changes – mainly btrfs, etc, etc).

The shortlog gives kind of a detailed summary for people who want to get a flavor of what was going on. Nothing really particularly stands


  • Linux Kernel 3.19-rc6 release follows:

mainline:3.19-rc62015-01-26[ tar.xz ][ PGP ][ patch ][ View diff ][ browse ]

The following changes are made in Kernel 3.19-rc6

For more updates, please visit here: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/.

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