Linux Lite, another Distro For Windows/New Users

Linux Lite, A Linux Distro For Windows/New Users

Linux Lite is a free, open source, Ubuntu-based and light-weight Linux distribution which is very easy for Windows users turning toward Linux. Linux Lite comes with all basic apps installed so that you don’t have to download and install them manually. It’s friendly to Windows/New users. So let’s know more about Linux Lite.

Linux Lite is a beginner-friendly Linux distribution. This Light-weight os can be installed on your older machines and modern machines both. The distro comes with a set of applications installed and so you don’t need to work around and find out applications. Additionally, if you want to install any application then you have full access to Ubuntu repositories which contains more than 40,000 applications. Linux Lite is based on Ubuntu (LTS) releases, which means you don’t have to change it for 5 years. The support is pretty good. If you have any query or difficulty you can simply read guides or post question in the forum. When you install and open Linux Lite, you see an opening window telling to start here, get support and contribute. Do not ignore this window, this can be very helpful. Click each link and find articles on how to do in Linux Lite and get support from the community forum. The latest development release is Linux Lite 2.6 Beta which includes improvements and changes. Although there can be some bugs you can report the bugs to help developers.

Linux Lite stable version is also available which was released a couple of months back with improvements and new features. There is added support for exFAT, Android MTPFS, VPN connections, and NTP to name a few. You get the latest Whisker Menu, there’s a new default Terminal theme, and the Windows (Super) key now opens the Menu. If you want to see the complete changelog then go to the official announcement.

Linux Lite comes with XFCE desktop environment which is favorite for most Linux users. Check out our favorite desktop environment POLL Result or read 5 Best Linux Desktop Environment.

The look of the distro is pretty much like Windows which feels friendly to newbies’ eyes. The menu button in the bottom left corner pops up menu. And taskbar has beautiful icons of the currently open windows. In the right bottom corner, trey displays network manager, battery status, keyboard, and sound manager.

Linux Lite System Requirements

  • 700MHz processor
  • 512mb RAM
  • VGA screen 1024×768 resolution
  • DVD drive or USB port for the ISO image
  • At least 5 GB free disk space

Because of the low system requirements Linux Lite can be installed and use perfectly without any issue with older hardware too. So if you want to try out Linux being on Windows you can dual boot Windows and Linux Lite or you can install it on your old pc or laptop. For dual booting, you can read the following article –

Dual-Boot Ubuntu 15.04/14.10 And Windows 10/8.1/8: Step By Step Tutorial With Screenshots


Linux Lite is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Click below to go to the download page.

Linux Lite libre office

Linux Lite 2.4 start menu

linux lite vlc media player

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