Linux Lite To Have These New Features In The Next Release Linux Lite 3.4

Linux Lite Upcoming New Features

Linux Lite is loved by many Linux geeks, beginners, and professionals. Lightweight, stable, regular updates, active support are some of the features in the long list of Linux Lite features that makes it awesome. Our members, regular readers have shown us a keen interest in Linux Lite.

Many of our readers have asked us that what would be the upcoming features in the new version, what is special, when is the new version release and many more.   This is why we contacted the creator of the Linux Lite “Jerry Bezencon” and enquired about the upcoming new features in the latest version of the Linux Lite. We have also done a review of the latest available distro i.e. 3.2 (32 bit) so that the readers can understand easily where are the new features headed towards.

Release Dates

Jerry Bezencon told us that the next version of Linux Lite i.e. 3.4 is scheduled to release on April 1st, 2017. This is clear from him that they are strictly following the road map as on their website. So lite lovers can be happy that the next version is just some months ahead.

linux lite 3.4 release date

This will be their very first release of 2017, we all are waiting hard for this update.  

New Upcoming Features

Well, Jerry mentioned 7 new features that will be in Linux Lite 3.4.  

Lite Welcome Overhaul

linux lite welcome screen

In this new update, the lite welcome will be overhauled. I am really satisfied with the old welcome screen but it looks that there were some important tweaks that were necessary to be made, so I will be really feeling awesome for new tweaks. It will be really interesting for us to see what is new.  

Lite Widget Improvements

Widgets were just introduced in the previous versions and in this version the widgets have been much improved and many problems have been solved. I have seen as the new feature, widgets were facing many problems but this time, the team has solved problems and worked hard to make it pretty stable.  

Execute Bash Scripts Via Double Click

In this upcoming version of Linux lite, bash scripts can be directly executed via double-clicking on it. Thus avoid the mess and work on the launch of scripts even if it is easy for you. This is going to be much easier now.  

Joystick Support

Support for joystick has been now added. So in the upcoming distro, you guys can be ensured about pretty cool gaming via joystick support.  I was literally very happy for this feature to be added as I am personally a gamer and I especially play FPS games.  

Additions to Lite Tweaks

The lite tweak is one of the most loved features of Linux lite. In the upcoming new version, the team has integrated some additions to lite tweaks. We ourselves have not much knowledge but we are sure that it will make it more powerful.

linux lite addition to lite tweaks

This is an old pic of lite tweaks, wait for the new one, we are also waiting.  

Enhancements to Lite Themes

There have been many enhancements to lite themes which means that we are going to have much more customization and more lovely and awesome feels. Let us hope that the new Linux lite is going to theme our hopes too (with bright colors).

Enable window snapping by default

Moreover, from this new version, the snapping of the windows will be enabled by default. This simply means the reduction of consumed time taken to snap windows and no more penetrating settings to enable the setting. (Although that doesn’t consume much time still improvement is certainly welcomed).  


There can be more updates included than mentioned here. As these features are officially confirmed by Jerry himself. So from LinuxAndUbuntu, best of luck Jerry and the team. ​

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