LinuxAndUbuntu Distro Review Of The Week blackPanther OS

linuxandubuntu distro review of the week blackpanther os

​We all search for a stable Linux platform for everyday use. I am also that type of guy who looks for a stable Linux distro, so that my family can use my PC with ease, without getting frustrated by some lib or symlink error. That is why today I am going to discuss in LinuxAndUbuntu distro review of the week the same distro which aims for a similar goal i.e. stability, ease of access, and for daily use.
blackPanther OS is a Hungarian Linux distro. It takes out many features from other famous distros like GUI from fedora, drivers from Ubuntu and many others. The website of blackPanther OS states that:- “The blackPanther OS development started in 2002 by Charles K. Barcza. The First public version was 1.0 (Codename: Shadow) in 2003. Since then, the development is continuous, every year a new version is released. The last stable version,  v16.1.2 has become available in Aug. of 2016. (The v16.2 is a special, non-free release, and v17.1 still under development) It was among the 5 top popular distributions January of 2010 on distrowatch.”Before the review, I am having great expectations from the OS. Let us see what it has got for us.

blackPanther linux boot screen

Download blackPanther OS

​blackPanther OS can be downloaded from the link below. I recommend using download manager such as uGet for Linux or IDM for windows.
Also, don’t get confused in the download mirrors, they are too many. The top one is latest one and updated.The latest version is 16.2 SilentKiller.There are two type of releases i.e. DvD and CD. DvD will have apps pre-installed and CD will require downloading. Choice is yours choose carefully.

Let us start the review.

Let us start the blackPanther OS review


​I had high expectations here. KDE Plasma made me thought that the GUI would be really awesome and it was. Although I got a driver problem (Proprietary drivers causes issue). Mind your drivers, download them if you find GUI out of screen as was my case too. ​
blackpanther os with kde plasma desktop

The icons seem really large and bit unpolished. Some more work on it may make it awesome.GUI feels incomplete and the language stands as a great barrier while you are going for the first-time setup cause default language is Hungarian. I actually have to click blindly in options when choosing a language. If you cannot find your language, download it. Better choose DVD iso with more languages.

select language in blackPanther OS

​In short, the graphics are just OK. I did not have any problem to play my videos or movies. I, however, was not in a position to check for HDMI for Screencast review as due to minor problems.


​There is almost no software pre-installed. Yeah! Don’t freak out, the OS comes as a barebones and app tiles are pinned only. When you click pinned tiles you go to the software center and then download them. This is what will happen if you choose CD iso. Better choose the DVD one if you want to save data charges.Seriously this brutes me out as even Linux Lite and Lubuntu, Mint almost every distro comes with all necessary app preinstalled. It is just like windows 10 with pinned software which consumes your data/WiFi.

blackpanther linux start menu app menu

​Only a few apps come pre-installed not all. Get your data plan ready to tolerate the downloading.

blackPanther OS Installation

​So, you thought that the installation will be similar to something like other distros then yes, it is. But wait, there is something more. I found that the installation screen does fit in my resolution (the GUI problem I mentioned), It didn’t detect my windows 7 installation but I checked it in other PC and it was working fine.Still, I loved that it showed the GUI of the options we are choosing i.e. Keyboard shows up in GUI when you select it etc.

blackpanther linux installation done

​The installation was fast and smooth, maybe due to non-presence of many apps and just barebones system.


Overall, I will say blackPanther OS is a real different deal from lot of daily distro you come across. Although if you guys have a PC as me with pretty much different drivers required then you are going to have problems with it. Choose between CD and DVD iso carefully as even I missed seeing a DVD iso. Nice fully crafted and maintained. ​Also, check this list out our top lightweight Linux distributions to try in 2017.

I will love to hear your comments too on this project. Let me know by commenting below!

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