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LinuxAndUbuntu Distro Review Of The Week – NeptuneOS

LinuxAndUbuntu Distro Review Of The Week - NeptuneOS

​We want a nice looking distro, don’t we? We want a distro that does the best work when it comes to stability. Don’t we? Here we come across NeptuneOS,  a Linux distro based on Debian with KDE desktop environment. As we all know when it comes to stability, there are a lot of fewer distros that can match Debian. Also being based on Debian, the number of compatible software increase a lot.
download neptuneos linux distro

​The review I did was on mainly 3 topics i.e. System stability and software, Look and feels, User help and easiness. Let us explore what I found about above 3 topics. Let us start.

Stability and Software

​NeptuneOS is really stable. Based on Debian ( One of the main reason, I assume for its stability), NeptuneOS works great on system. It comes with new drivers and software which Debian generally doesn’t come up with. The KDE plasma desktop makes it more awesome while having the option to choose Fluxbox too.​Most of the software that you will want are preinstalled in the system. Also remember that Neptune requires certain hardware conditions to perform well which is 1 GHz Intel/AMD 64 Bit CPU, 1.5 GB RAM, 8 GB HDD. Yeah! It doesn’t work on 32 bit systems. I was having all above requirements and that is why my uses were fluid, yours may differ. The iso can be downloaded from the link below.

​The download size is 2GB. You can easily make a live USB stick and install it on your system.

Look & Feels

​KDE plasma desktop makes it awesome to look and with the mentioned requirement you won’t have any difficulties to feel the smoothness of the OS. The icons, borders are well polished. There wasn’t any kind of lag that made me break my expectations from this distro. Overall the distro is well smooth and polished. You will find it eye candy even more if your drivers has a support for almost everything ( which could be easily achieved as it is based on Debian).
neptuneos desktop screen

User Support

​This is not that usual that you will find the support for your favorite Linux distro in one click. The forums are no longer active I think. They give an error. Though there is a nice documentation about the distro, its screenshots, and small info is available on the main website.
mybb user support

​You can also search for Debian based error if you encounter any. Although I didn’t personally encounter any error. The language used in the distro is easy. Software and setups are mostly easy to configure and install and yes you can theme it as per your liking and understanding.The team also provides the updates quickly if any bug is spotted or a newer version of the software is released which is really awesome. Thumbs up to Devs.


​Do you want to have screenshots of this distro? Here are they –
Here are more screenshots. Changelog can be found here.


​I have tried this review to keep short. This is gonna happen when you come across a distro which is good looking, has a nice team support and is based on a famous distro. Most of the people don’t know about this distro. If you like it, do give it a try. It is a nice base for everyday use. Thumbs up to Devs again.

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