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Mozilla to change default search engine to Yahoo! Ubuntu will be unaffected

Mozilla Firefox after 10 years of partnership with Google, now switching to Yahoo! from December. The changes will remain implemented in the United States.

The United States companies Yahoo and Mozilla have agreed to Long term partnership. Mozilla and Yahoo both announced that they are going to be in partnership next month.Mozilla is widely used and alone used to search the web 100 billion times per year. Mozilla has been in partnership with Google since 2004 and used as a default search engine in Mozilla. But this year the renewal time Mozilla is switching to Yahoo. Although the United States users will only see the changes and remain will be unaffected.

other countries default search engine

As the partnership will only be limited to the United States and rest countries will be using other country based search engines.


Yandex search will be the default search engine in Russia. But other options (Google, DuckDuckGo, etc.) will also be there to change to.


China will continue with the Search engine Baidu. If users in China want to change the default search engine then they can.

Ubuntu will be unaffected!

Will it affect Ubuntu? If you’re running Ubuntu then you’ll not see any changes in Mozilla search features. It will not be affected. Google will remain the default search engine In Ubuntu Mozilla Firefox.

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