Netrunner Rolling 2015.09 Released With New Plasma 5 And Apps updates

Netrunner Rolling 2015.09 Released With New Plasma 5 And Apps Updates

Netrunner is a Linux distribution that comes into two versions – Main version and Rolling release. The main version is based on Kubuntu and the Rolling release is based on Manjaro Linux. The new Netrunner  2015.09 has been released with a completely different look – KDE4 has been transformed to Plasma 5.2 desktop. Let’s look at the complete changes in the Netrunner 2015.09 release.

Netrunner comes with two versions, the Main version that is based on Kubuntu and that gets released in sync with Kubuntu new release and the Rolling version is based on Manjaro Linux. Both the desktops have been customized and so makes its own new look & feel.

Netrunner 2015.09 rolling release

What’s New in Netrunner Rolling 2015.09?

New Desktop Environment

Netrunner Rolling 2015.09 is based on Manjaro Linux. The release presents the new way that Netrunner is now going. This release instead of coming with KDE4, it comes with Plasma 5.2 desktop which is a major change in the distribution. Of course, there are more customization and tweaks. ​

Calamares Is Default Installer

The default installer in this rolling release has been changed to Calamares installer. If you read my last post, Manjaro has adopted Calamares installer which is easy to use and makes Manjaro install easily. The release is based on Majaro so this also has Calamares installer.

Software Updates

Netrunner 2015.09 has a new & updated set of applications using KDE Applications 15.08. LibreOffice and VirtualBox are now in their 5.x versions. There are more updated applications like, Gmusicbrowser is faster in loading large collection of music and adds albums’ covers automatically from the Internet. Kernel 4.1.9, Framework 5.14, Kontact 5, Firefox 41.0, Thunderbird 38.3 and all other packages have been updated to their latest versions. The release is adopting a new interface which is a major point, I hope it will be liked by users and there will be more interesting features in future releases.

software updates in netrunner 2015.09

Download Netrunner 2015.09

Currently, there is an only 64-bit version of Netrunner 2015.09 is available. The 32-bit version will be available soon.

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