Opera 27 Stable web browser Released with Tab Preview back, Install in Ubuntu, Linux Mint and others

opera web browser

Today Opera team released Opera 27 version with a couple of major changes and with lots of fixes. This is the first stable release of 2015. Let’s see at the changes in this release.

Opera keeps on coming with beta releases that have several fixes. Although the beta versions were also good and can be used without any problems. This one is the stable release of Opera Web Browser containing two major changes and lots of fixes.

The version came up with two major changes or features. The team focused on the ease of use. Both of the features make Opera Web Browser user-friendly.

Tab Preview

Opera Team brings back the tab preview feature in Opera Browser. User can see what’s going on inside a tab by clicking on the expand button and hovering over the tab shows a preview that makes easy to click the desired tab.

opera web browser 27 tab preview

Tab Preview

Navigation Bar

The second feature is that the navigation bar that shows where you are at this time and also makes it easier to navigate between Speed dial, Bookmarks and Discover. The option is pretty useful and really makes it easier to use Bookmarks and Discover page. User can also use the background of his own choice, unlike previous fade-out effect.

opera web browser stable released

The navigation bar at home screen

Now Opera is also moving users toward Pepper API Adobe Flash Plugin. The first time page containing flash was accessed and users will be prompted to install it.

This stable version also contains security patches and bug fixes, the complete changes can be watched in the Changelog.

Install Opera 27 stable in Ubuntu/Linux Mint and other Distros

Installing Opera 27 stable in Ubuntu/Linux Mint is easy. Download the file clicking the bellow button and open it with Software Manager/Center to install.

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