Plasma 5.6 Makes KDE Plasma Desktop Environment More Powerful, Beautiful And Useful

kde plasma 5 linux desktop environment

Plasma has always been the talk of the town for its sleek and cutting edge look. KDE Plasma among all other Linux Desktop Environments has always stood out for its continuous development. The latest release of KDE Plasma is 5.6 which includes some new features, tweaks, and fixes. Plasma desktop is also highly customizable so that you can customize it the way you need it to be.

KDE Plasma Desktop Environment

Plasma is the most liked Linux desktop environments in the survey done by LinuxAndUbuntu.com. Plasma tops the list due to in my other article 5 Best Linux Desktop Environments With Pros & Cons due to its look and ability to be highly customized. Although so many readers mentioned that it’s buggy and so unstable. I think since 5.6 Plasma has improved alot. If some Linux users tried it before 5.6 then give this a try now and tell me if you experienced any improvements or not. I assure you will.

Linux Distributions Uses Plasma As Default Desktop Environment

korora plasma


Fedora plasma spin

Fedora Plasma spin

As mentioned above KDE Plasma is a good choice when you want a more customized desktop environment. Most major Linux distributions provide a KDE flavor of their distro. That includes Fedora, ROSA, Korora and many more. The most popular distribution that uses Plasma as the default DE is Kubuntu, one of the Ubuntu flavors.

What’s New In KDE Plasma 5.6?

Plasma 5.6 brings many new features, tweaks, and fixes. The user interface is improved and it’s more stable. Below is the outline of the new stuff in Plasma 5.6. Continue scrolling down to read about all new stuff or jump to anyone by clicking it.

  • Task Progress in task manager
  • Album Art in media control
  • List & Icon view in panel’s folder applet
  • Improved widget drag n drop

Task Progress in task manager

plasma shows progress in task manager

Users can now see the progress of their background tasks such as downloading and copying etc. in the task manager. This feature was implemented in Plasma 5.6.

Album Art in media control

media art in media control in plasma

Plasma tweaks the media control in the task manager. You can now see the media art in media control and can perform actions on your playing media without moving or minimizing the working applications.

List & Icon view in panel’s folders applet

list & icon view in panel's folder applet

To access files quick and easy, many likes to place folder’s applet in the panel. You now have the option to change the view of folder applet. You can switch between List and Icon view.

Improved widget drag n drop

improved widget drag n drop

Installing widget has always been easy but Plasma 5.6 improves it a little more by hiding all the applications when user drags the widget to install.

KDE Plasma 5.6 Official Video Review

Do You Use The Sleek Plasma?

So do you use Plasma as your regular desktop environment? If not then pick out the any Linux distro Plasma flavor and try it out. What do have to say about the bugs in the Plasma? Do you still face lots of bugs? Test it out and tell us how much you like the sleekest Linux Desktop Environment.

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