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I am sure all of you remember the 7/7/2015 post 5 Best Linux Desktop Environments With Pros & Cons. We all discussed the post in the comments and I really appreciate that LinuxAndUbuntu readers took part in the discussion, mentioned their favorite(s) DE and also took a poll. Today I’m going to reveal the poll taken by our readers and also the most liked DE in Comments.

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First of all thanks for everyone who read the article, revealed their favorite DE(s) and took poll. I’m very thankful to other bloggers who posted the article link at their blog, especially these two -OSNews – Five Best Linux Desktop Environments linked by David AdamsITworld – The five best desktop environments for Linux submitted by Jim Lynch

Also thanks to twitter followers.

The post was basically for Newbies who get trouble when choosing DE or turning to Linux from Windows. The list gives an idea of choosing a Desktop Environment based on the factors that I explained. The basic misunderstanding that I found in comments was many readers advanced readers thought the article forces to select only these listed DEs but it was not.

I said there are many other DEs that you can choose even better than the top DE of this list. The basic idea was to select the DE based on your needs and level of knowledge. In my list, KDE was for advanced users who need more customization and looks. The mate was for Medium level users and rest three are familiar with newbies who prefer learning Linux, not desktop customization.

In comments, so many readers mentioned that XFCE is not included but thoughts differ and others have different opinions. Although I accept that XFCE, LXDE are very stable and I said if any one of these DE does not fulfill need then prefer any other. But take care of factors that complete your needs.

There are many who liked KDE like Govannon Thunorwulf –

There is so much love for XFCE. I can not mention all the comments that Loved XFCE. I did not hope that just a handful amount of people would like KDE in comments. Probably there was one or two who pointed the love for Unity.

But the poll shows something else. KDE has got so much love from readers.


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linuxandubuntu.com appreciate kde xfce lxde

Cinnamon is the second choice of readers which I liked a lot. Even I started using Linux with Cinnamon DE. It’s easy. Accept Unity I think people would like to talk a lot about other DE. There were some comments in favor of Unity. But one thing is very sure, fourth place “Ay Other, please comment below’ should be written as XFCE. Because everyone was talking about XFCE’s enlisting. Well, as I said there is no comparison in performance-wise or feature-wise but the comparison is in usability. Depending on your usability find the DE.Finally thank you, everyone, for giving positive comments but wait… thanks for negative comments too because you gave me feedback in a good manner.

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