POLL – Have You Upgraded To Ubuntu 15.10?

Have you upgraded to ubuntu 15.10?

Most Ubuntu users would have known the new release of Ubuntu 15.10, ‘Wily Werewolf’. If you’re the one who doesn’t know yet, then read our article here that explains all the new stuff in Ubuntu 15.10. The release has come up with a couple of new features, a lot of improvements, and fixes. Have you Upgraded to Ubuntu 15.10? Please take this poll and tell us what you think about the new release.

Ubuntu 15.10 contains numbers of features but majorly is being talked for its improvements in hoverlay scrollbars and Unity 7.3.3 tweaks. Some of the changes are not notable like Persistent Network Interface Names. Know all the changes have been made in Ubuntu 15.10 here. If you have upgraded to Ubuntu 15.10 then to get started read our article 10 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 15.10.

Have You Upgraded To Ubuntu 15.10?

Canonical has worked hard for making this release as much stable as the previous release has been. No doubt all the features and improvements are very useful. But we ask you, have you upgraded to Ubuntu 15.10? What do you think about Ubuntu 15.10?

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