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Sabayon 16.3 Monthly Release Available To Download

Sabayon is a free, open source and Gentoo based Linux distribution. It aims to provide the easy to use, simple and yet powerful Linux operating system. Sabayon team has made the monthly release Sabayon 16.3 available to download with bug fixes and applications updates.
Sabayon is a Gentoo based Linux distribution. It is available in all popular flavors, KDE, GNOME, Xfce and MATE. So if you are wanting to try this distribution then you can install Sabayon in your favorite flavor.

What’s New In Sabayon 16.3?

Sabayon 16.3 is a release comes with bug fixes and all applications have been updated to their latest versions. It comes with great applications such as, LibreOffice, Kodi and many more.

Sabayon 16.3 has brought back LibreOffice. The kernel version is now updated to 4.4. And all the major components of Plasma 5 have also been updated –

KDE-frameworks 5.19
Plasma desktop (and all its components) 5.5.4

Download Sabayon 16.3

Currently team only offers Sabayon 16.3 in 64-bit operating system. You still have choices to download minimal versions of different flavor of Sabayon.
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