[SOLVED] Adobe Bracket Is Not Installing In Ubuntu 15.10 Due To Missing Dependency “libgcrypt11”

adobe bracket is not installing in ubuntu 15.10

Ubuntu 15.10 was released recently with many missing dependencies due to which several applications are unable to install, including VirtualBox and Bracket text editor. We wrote about how to install VirtualBox in Ubuntu 15.10, let’s see how to install Adobe Bracket text editor in Ubuntu 15.10.

Adobe Bracket

Adobe Brackets is one of the well-known text editors developed by Adobe developers. Adobe Bracket can be split into two areas (vertically or horizontally both) to edit two files simultaneously. We have written a tutorial to install Adobe Bracket in Ubuntu, Linux mint and other debian based Linux distributions. But, since the Ubuntu 15.10 release, there are some dependencies missing that were available in the previous Ubuntu 15.04 or 14.10, etc. One of the missing dependencies is ‘libgcrypt11’. Adobe Brackets require libgcrypt11 in order to install it properly but you’ll face the following error if you install Bracket in Ubuntu 15.10 –

brackets dependency error in Ubuntu 15.10 libgcrypt11

To solve this error, just install the missing dependency in Ubuntu 15.10. Sadly, libgcrypt11 is not available in the official repositories of Ubuntu 15.10. So you’ll have to install it manually, don’t worry that’s simple.Just download any of the two files according to your system architecture, and open it with Ubuntu Software Center or gdebi and install it.

When you’ve installed the dependency, now open Adobe Bracket with Software Center or gdebi and install it. This time it should install properly.

brackets install in ubuntu 15.10

bracket installed in ubuntu 15.10

If you still have any problem or you’re facing any similar dependencies related problem when installing any other application under Ubuntu 15.10, then please let us know in the comments below and we’ll be happy to help you.

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