SOLVED – VirtualBox Is Not Installing In Ubuntu 15.10 Due To Missing Dependency “libvpx1”

solve virtualbox dependency error in ubuntu 15.10

Ubuntu 15.10 released recently with a couple of features and improvements. According to this poll conducted on LinuxAndUbuntu.com says that people 55% Ubuntu users have upgraded to Ubuntu 15.10 within 48 hours. But, there is an error (libvpx1) that users are facing after the upgrade while installing VirtualBox. Look how to solve that error, continue reading below to solve the issue.

Dependency is not satisfiable: libvpx1 (>=1.0.0)

virtualbox dependency error on ubuntu 15.10

The above error you get when installing VirtualBox in Ubuntu 15.10. This error simply means that a dependency “libvpx1” is missing. libvpx1 is required for the VirtualBox.

How To Solve “libvpx” Dependency Error While Installing VirtualBox

VirtualBox requires libvpx1 version 1.0.0 or later. Simply download any of the .deb files from below depending on your system (64-bit or 32-bit) and install the downloaded file using Ubuntu Software Center or gdebi.
For 32-bit 
For 64-bit

Now Install VirtualBox In Ubuntu 15.10 ‘Wily Werewolf’

ubuntu 15.10 running Virtualbox

After installing the dependency install Virtualbox and this time it will install. If you still find the same error or any other error then please comment below and also notice from the error that what version of libvpx1 is needed.

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