The Linux Permissions Introduction

Linux is based on Unix concept. Linux is a multi-user OS.
It is based on the Unix concept of filership and permissions to provide security, at the file system level. As a basic learner of Linux one must understand the ownership and permissions of files. It will improve the security of files and expand knowledge as well.

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Kaushal November 30, 2019 at 11:47 am

Hi Sohail,

I liked your article very much, since I am a Windows user and new linux. I have some questions which I will like to ask.

As in Windows If I need to install some software its “Exe” file should be located on the same folder in “Program…” folder. Otherwise you will get error of “File / Command not found…” or similar error.

But what to do when we get similar error in Linux that -bash … command not found.


Sohail November 30, 2019 at 1:58 pm

Hi Kaushal,

Thanks for reading LinuxAndUbuntu.

In Linux, all programs are installed in /bin and /usr/bin and most commands are available throughout the filesystem. If you have a custom script that you want to execute, you need to make it executable and move it to /usr/bin. Now you can execute this script from anywhere in the filesystem.

Let’s say you created a script “sysupdate.sh”.

Make it executable by – sudo chmod +x sysupdate.sh
Move it to /usr/bin – sudo mv sysupdate.sh /usr/bin
Now run this script from anywhere in the filesystem – sysupdate.sh


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