TinyCore piCore 7.0 Available To Download With Most Interesting Changes Ever

tinycore piCore 7.0

TinyCore is a free, open source and one of the smallest Linux distributions. Today TinyCore team announced TinyCore piCore 7.0 and according to Béla, a TinyCore developer piCore 7.0 has some of the most interesting changes that have ever been implemented. Let’s look at all the changes that have been implemented in piCore 7.0.


TinyCore is one of the smallest Linux distributions we have available. TinyCore, as the name suggests, is the core of Linux. It only comes with some packages so this is very tiny in size. Distribution’s core version which is the tiniest version only size 10 MB and CorePlus size only 86 MB which is most in size and features.

What’s New In TinyCore piCore 7.0?

Béla, “Team Tiny Core is pleased to announce the immediate availability of piCore-7.0 Most interesting changes in this release”.

tinycore picore 7.0 released

TinyCore piCore 7.0 is a Raspberry edition, released today.

Now TinyCore piCore 7.0 comes with single SD-card image with SSH preinstalled for all boards which mean no separate ARMv6 or ARMv7. MicroPython added to the base which offers faster and more efficient scripting than traditional shells. Other than above-mentioned changes, there are following updates to the Core components –

  • TinyCore piCore 7.0 comes with Kernel 4.1.13
  • Updated tcz repository 
  • glibc 2.22
  • gcc 5.3.0
  • e2fsprogs 1.42.13
  • util-linux 2.27.1
  • BusyBox 1.24.1
  • MiroPython 1.5.2-35

Download TinyCore piCore 7.0

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