uGet 2.0.5 Download Manager Released, Install/Update In Ubuntu/Linux mint

uGet released 2.0.5 linux download manager

uGet is an open source and free download manager. It’s available for all major operating systems including Linux. Today uGet team (2 members only, amazing!) announced a new version uGet 2.0.5 with some changes and bug fixes. Let’s see what’s changed and fixed in this new version and how you can install or upgrade in Ubuntu/Linux Mint or Derivatives.

What’s New In uGet 2.0.5

uGet 2.0.5 has the following changes and fixes –

  1. Save and restore the width of download column.
  2. Adjust schedule form for large font size.
  3. In speed limit mode, program adjusts speed when downloading start-up.
  4. Use filename from RPC request to match category if URL doesn’t contain the filename.
  5. curl plug-in: use posix_fallocate() to preallocate space for a file on Linux.
  6. curl plug-in: use SetEndOfFile() to preallocate space for a file on Windows.
  7. Fix: program crash when simultaneously download > 32 files.
  8. Fix: Can’t save height of the summary area.
  9. Add compressed 256×256 icon for Windows 7.

uget 2.0.5 released

How To Install/Update uGet 2.0.5 In Ubuntu/Linux Mint Or Derivatives

Installing uGet is really easy. You can add PPA, update local repositories and install uGet.
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:plushuang-tw/uget-stable$ sudo apt update

$ sudo apt install uget
If you already have installed uGet 2.0.5 then you can simply update it using apt package manager.
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

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