Vivaldi 1.2 Brings Ability To Set Custom Mouse Gestures For Commands/Actions

Vivaldi is an advanced web browser build by the co-founder & CEO of Opera Software, Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner. The browser is built on the latest web technologies like,  HTML5Node.jsReact.js, and numerous NPM modules. Vivaldi latest release 1.2 brings one more new feature that enables users to create custom mouse gestures for different commands. Let’s see how we can create custom mouse gestures in Vivaldi.

How To Create Custom Mouse Gestures For Commands In Vivaldi?

Custom mouse gestures are great ways to perform regular tasks quickly and easily by drawing specific gestures using your mouse. You can create gestures for opening up a new tab, new window, close window or stop tab process, etc.

Creating a gesture is very easy in Vivaldi. Open Vivaldi settings from Vivaldi menu or use shortcut ‘ALT + P’. Go to the Mouse tab.

There are already some predefined gestures for different actions such as New Window, Reboot Page, etc. To create a new gesture, select the command/action using the drop down menu, now gesture area will get activated. Draw the gesture that you want for the selected action and that’s all. Click ‘Save Gesture’.

Remember that the ‘Save Gesture’ button won’t be activated until you draw a unique gesture. If you draw the gesture that has already been set for another command/action, you’ll get the message that the gesture already exists and you won’t see ‘Save Gesture’ button.

How To Use Mouse Gestures In Vivaldi

Once you set a gesture, check “Perform Gesture with ALT Key” as in the image below. This way you can use custom mouse gestures by pressing ALT key.

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