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Vivaldi Technical Preview 2 Released, Install In Linux To Give A Try

Vivaldi is a new web browser built by an Opera founder. The browser that is specially built for developers but everyone can use it. The browsers is rapidly being developed and its second technical preview has been released. Install in Linux to give it a try. You will like it.

Vivaldi Technical Preview 2 has many improvements and issue fixes. Browser development is fast and Preview 2 has new features but it is still a development release. Talking about new features, Vivaldi has been working good and is trying to build as many features as it can to stand equal to other browsers. Let’s take a look at the changes in Vivaldi Technical Preview 2.

What’s New In Vivaldi Technical Preview 2?

  • Bookmarks bar – Although the work in progress is being said the new about bookmarks bar is that few things can be done differently. This is what official post says about the new in the Bookmark bar, “Placing Bookmarks bar at the top or bottom is one of them. Also, you can select ANY bookmark folder to be displayed in the Bookmarks bar.


  • Image loading toggle – This feature is toward making internet surfing faster especially for slower internet connections. You can turn on and off images, or even load images from cache only. The setting can be applied per tab basis. This improves site loading times quite substantially.


  • Expanded language support – Vivaldi is now in more than 30 languages. Translation Vivaldi in other languages is in progress.


  • Fast-Forward and Rewind – With Fast-forward, Vivaldi finds the most natural next page within the page you are currently on, such as search engine result or a forum. Rewind allows you to jump straight back to where you started in the domain you are in without going back in one page at a time.

We have some more improvements and work in progress of new features. If you are curious to see all of the changes in this technical preview then see Changelog.

Vivaldi Home Screen

Download Vivaldi Technical Preview 2 To Give It A Try

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