What’s New In Linux Lite 3.6

linux lite

I have reviewed this Ubuntu based distro, Linux Lite before and concluded that it could be a great distro to start off with Linux and stay forever. In this article, I’m going to take a look at the latest version of Linux lite 3.6  which team recently released.

Linux Lite Help Menu

​The Linux Lite Help menu, a goldmine for the beginner, in English.

linux lite help guide

  ​As you can see in the release announcements of Linux Lite, two new features have been introduced.  

1- Lite source

In order to choose the best download source for application. It’s simple to change the software source with Lite Sources. Simply open the app, test which server performs best for you and select it.

linux lite resources

2 – Online and offline search engine

​The second feature of this new version of Linux Lite 3.6 is the online and offline search engine for the Linux Lite Help manual. The search results are highlighted so you can easily and quickly find the help content you need.

Linux Lite has not changed its course of action too much, after the installation you must always go through the welcome window to get an operating system that meets our needs.

Fortunately, the main blue buttons allow step by step to complete the installation.

linux lite 3.6 welcome screen help guide

  ​We will mainly use “Install update” to start by updating our installation. Then the second button will be used to install the drivers ” Install driver ” and finally the fourth button ” Install language support ” to fully customize the installation of Linux Lite.

linux lite english guide and menu

  ​Once these few operations are carried out, we find ourselves with an updated distribution, with all menus in English, stable and light as announced on the Linux Lite site.

linux lite start menu

Live USB/DVD/VirtualBox/Vmware:

​Login is automatic, no accreditations are required. The picture can be composed to a 2gb or bigger USB stick, or a writable DVD. On the other hand, you can utilize the dd charge:

sudo dd if=linux-lite-3.6-beta-xxbit.iso of=/dev/sdx bs=4M

where "x" is the letter of your USB stick

In Linux to discover the letter of your USB stick, open a terminal and sort: df – h It is typically recorded as “media” or comparative. If you don’t mind seeing the inherent Help Manual on the off chance that you require a more definite clarification of this system.

linux lite 3.6 additional drivers

Linux Lite Softwares Installation & Tweak

software installation & tweaks

​Linux Lite 3.6 already contains most software for everyday use. We have already seen some of these applications in the article on the Linux Lite 3.4 version.

Linux Lite 3.6 as the previous version offers utilities to make your life easier and especially to allow you to approach Linux more easily. You will find “Lite Tweaks” and “Install software”.

​​Do not forget to install the additional codecs on this list in order to play most video and music formats.

Minor issues

​Even though many improvements have been made to Linux Lite, there are points that can confuse newcomers to Linux.1 – In respect of your language of choice at installation, the keyboard remains in English as well as menus. However, the welcome window of Linux Lite will help us to pass this course quite easily.

2 – On some computers, the installation crashes at the end, but we still manage to restart on this system.

3 – An error message appears when you want to run Steam. Fortunately, the internet forums are there to save us the best.

Aside from perhaps Steam, I have not encountered any other “blocking” problems and I can even say that this distribution presents a pleasant system to daily use with an unusual help menu for all people eager to discover the world of Linux for the first time.

Download Linux Lite 3.6


​Linux Lite 3.6 is a good distribution, you just have to put your hands in the engine, but the assistance offered by Linux Lite helps us to set the system as well as possible. The XFCE desktop installed by default adds ease-of-use to this distribution, and the dashboard and main menu layout help the user from another operating system quickly find its brands

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