Wine 1.7.37 Development Version Released, Install in Ubuntu/Linux Mint

wine 1.7.37 released install in Ubuntu/Linux Mint

Wine is an Open Source, command line and most popular software that allows users to install and run Microsoft Windows applications and games on Linux. Wine Team recently released Wine 1.7.37 development version. Let’s see what’s new in this release.

Wine Team recently released Wine 1.7.37. Wine’s development is very active and it sees new releases regularly. Each time there are several bug fixes and support for new applications and games. Wine can install Windows applications and games on Linux and adding support for new applications and games makes it one of the most popular Linux applications.

What’s New in Wine 1.7.37

The new release has the following key features –

  • Interface change notifications.
  • Support for the UTF-7 encoding.
  • A few graphical fixes for themed controls.
  • Implemented Wininet on top of Win32 sockets.
  • Various bug fixes.

This release contains 71 bug fixes. To see the complete list of Bug fixes, head over to the Changelog.

Install Wine In Ubuntu/Linux Mint Or Other Ubuntu Based Distributions

Wine 1.7.37 can be easily installed from official PPA in Ubuntu/Linux Mint or Other Ubuntu based distributions.

Notice – This version 1.7.37 is a development release, so it is recommended to use for testing purposes but not for enterprise purposes.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get install -y wine1.7 winetricks

After you have installed wine, you’re ready to install Windows applications and games on your Linux machine.

32-bit Systems

$ wine notepad

$ wine notepad.exe

$ wine c:\\windows\\notepad.exe

64-bit Systems

$ wine64 notepad

$ wine64 notepad.exe

$ wine64 c:\\windows\\notepad.exe

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