Zorin OS 10 Released, a Friendly Linux Distribution For Beginnners

Zorin OS 10 Released, A Friendly Linux Distribution For Beginnners

Zorin OS is a friendly user interface Linux distribution that any beginner can hand on. Basing on Ubuntu gives full support to most hardware and reach to 40,000+ applications from software center. The latest Zorin OS 10 has been released recently with the new selection of default applications and other improvements. Let’s know more about Zorin OS.

In the first look, most beginners or Windows or Mac OS X users will find the distro easy to use and understand because the interface is very similar to Windows and Mac OS X. If you are turning to Linux then Zorin OS can be a good start. Also, you can easily customize the desktop as you want.

Zorin OS Windows like desktop

There are many useful applications installed by default. So you don’t have to download and install them manually. Calendar, Thunderbird mail client,  Google Chrome is the default web browser, Cheese for webcam, OpenShot video editor, Brasero CD/DVD burning tool, Totem Video player, Empathy instant messenger, LibreOffice for Office and nautilus default window manager, etc. are already installed. Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu, the most popular Linux distribution. Being based on Ubuntu it can be easily installed on most systems with a simple next, next, next and finish setup. There are already useful programs installed but, if it does not satisfy you, you can use the Software Center. Software Center allows you to explore and install large numbers of software.

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Zorin os software center linux

Not only this Zorin OS has Wine installed so you can easily install Windows applications on your Linux system. You can download a .exe file and it will work on Zorin OS. BTW, you have full access to Ubuntu repositories that provide tons of applications. Zorin OS also has a firewall installed to protect the user from malicious incoming or outgoing connections. The default firewall installed in Zorin OS is the world’s easiest firewall, GUFW. You can read about UFW in this article
UFW Firewall In Linux To Secure Computer From Harmful Incoming/Outgoing Connections


Zorin OS is one of the easy to Linux distros. I count Zorin OS with Linux Mint for the simplicity and ease of use. It is highly recommended to start using Linux with such distro that doesn’t seem strange to newbies, like, Unity or Gnome, etc. For newbies, it is hard to understand where to find software or what to do and how to do, so they leave Linux soon. So it is better to choose the easy to use distros like Zorin OS or Linux Mint. Give us your easy to use a distro that you started using Linux with. And also tell us if Zorin OS 10 is perfect for a newbie.

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