Zorin OS 11 Is Now Available To Download

Zorin OS 11

Zorin OS is a Linux distribution that is based on Ubuntu. It is the sleekest Linux distribution that I have ever used. Zorin OS is also recommended for new Linux users because of its simple to use Zorin desktop environment. The team recently released Zorin OS 11 with a couple of changes and improvements. Let’s check out what’s new in this release.

Zorin OS 11 is more focused on improvements rather than implementing new features. There is a new look and behavior of the scroll bar. New to the Zorin Theme Changer is a Grey variant of the Zorin OS theme, available in Light, Dark, and Black variants. There are also some new applications added in the Zorin OS 11.

New Scroll Bar

The scroll bar now only appears when the cursor is close to it. Notice the glow when the document ends.

New Themes

Zorin os 11 light

zorin os 11 light

Zorin OS 11 Dark

New Applications

Zorin OS 11 has three new applications. Contact manager, Clock, and Video.

Zorin os 11 contact manager

Zorin os 11 clock

Zorin os 11 videos

Download Zorin OS 11

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