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Host WordPress on Linux

Install WordPress on LiteSpeed Web Server

WordPress is a well-known content management system (CMS) on the Internet. Almost all large and small hosting providers offer several solutions for easily hosting WordPress, and LiteSpeed web server is one of those solutions.

How To Migrate WordPress Manually To New Host

Any website migration is regarded as one of the most difficult operations. Fortunately, WordPress provides a plethora of backup plugins to help and automate the entire backup and migration process.

Install WordPress on Nginx Ubuntu

Nginx is a well-known web server that is used to serve webpages on the Internet. Nginx, which was first launched in October 2004, quickly became the web server and proxy server of choice for thousands of web developers.

  • Best CMS For 2022

    Top CMS

    If you want to start your own website in 2022, there are many easy ways to do so with the help of one of these CMS, or content management systems. You must make an important decision when choosing a CMS. In this article, I will list the best CMS, from which you can choose the […]

  • Install Drupal 9 on Apache Web Server

    how to install Drupal on Apache web server

    In my previous Drupal article, I covered everything you needed to know about Drupal, including how to install Drupal on a LiteSpeed web server. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to install Drupal safely on an Apache web server. Apache is a well-known web server on the Internet. According to w3techs, Apache web server […]

  • Drupal Introductory Guide with Installation

    Drupal Introductory Guide with installation on litespeed

    On this site, we’ve gone over WordPress in great detail. Despite the fact that WordPress is the most popular and actively developed CMS, it is not the only good one on the market. In this article, we will go through Drupal in depth, determining who it may be used for and how to install Drupal […]

WordPress 101

  • Add Google Analytics On WordPress | WordPress 101

    Google Analytics Statcounter

    Welcome to the WordPress 101 series. We’ve already learnt how to install a new WordPress theme, plugins, configure the homepage, create navigation menus, and so on. We should be able to start our website using this information. It is now time to prepare our website for traffic analysis so that we can make better judgments […]

  • Blogging with WordPress | WordPress 101

    Blogging with WordPress

    Welcome back to WordPress 101 series. In this series, we’re learning the basics of WordPress. WordPress is used to create all types of websites such as eCommerce, Forums, Social networking sites, etc. But majorly, WordPress is known for blogging. It hosts the majority of blogs on the Internet. Blogging with WordPress In this article, we […]

  • Structure & Design WordPress Homepage | WordPress 101

    wordpress homepage setting

    Welcome back to WordPress 101 series. WordPress 101 series aims to teach WordPress CMS to beginners. In this article, we will learn to better structure and design the website homepage with WordPress. Homepage is the main page on your WordPress site. If better designed and structured, your website’s homepage can represent the entire website content […]

Setup Web Server

  • Set up Email Server With Virtualmin For Unlimited Emails & Storage

    Set up Email Server With Virtualmin For Unlimited Emails Storage

    In the Linux cPanel series, I reviewed Virtualmin, one of the best open-source cPanels for websites and email servers. Virtualmin is built on top of Webmin, another great, free & open source website control panel. What’s great about Virtualmin is that it lets users straightforwardly create virtual servers. It lets managing multiple websites on one […]

  • Host Website On Our Own Server – Web Server Setup Series

    Host Website On Our Own Server

    Today we’ll continue our web server setup series. In this series, we’ve already installed and setup our web server, configured & secured cPanel and point domain name to the server. At any time if you’ve trouble setting something up something, let me know in the comment section below. In this article, we’ll go about hosting a website on […]

  • Web Server Setup Series – Fix CWP Errors & Warnings To Improve Server Security

    Fix CWP Errors Warnings To Improve Server Security

    ​Welcome to the second part of the web server setup series. In this part, I’ll show you how to fix CWP (CentOS web panel) errors and warnings, create new user accounts, create hosting packages, and create an FTP account. So let’s start. ​In the last part, I installed CentOS web panel on my virtual private […]

Learn Bash

  • Basic Calculator Program | Learn Bash – Part 8

    Basic Calculator Program Learn Bash

    Welcome to the mini project of the BASH scripting series. I hope you are excited! 🙂 We will build a simple calculator program using BASH scripting language and at the same time reinforce all the concepts already taught. In a quick summary, we’ve explored the fundamental topics on variables, decisions, control statements, and arguments. Then […]

  • Arguments | Another way to work with user inputs – Part 7

    Arguments Another way to work with user inputs

    Welcome to the Arguments chapter of the BASH scripting series. This chapter will introduce you to another new method of getting user inputs for your script. In the previous chapter, we’ve used the read command to get user inputs. Our bash interpreter invokes the read command works after our bash program, i.e., user input is prompted after […]

  • Bash for loop – Loops In BASH- Learn BASH | Part 6

    Bash for loop Loops In BASH

    Welcome to the sixth chapter on BASH scripting series. And today we will dive into a very cool topic called looping constructs in computer programming. Loops are important if we have a task that needs repetition. There are different types of loops in bash, bash for loop, while loop, and until loop. In the previous chapter […]

Learn Git

  • Tags And Sub-modules – Git Series Part 6

    Tags And Sub modules Git Series Part 6

    This is the final guide in the Git series. Here, we will be covering two more major features that Git has to offer: tags and sub-modules. If you have been following the previous guides, and other materials, you should have a clearer understanding of what Git is, what it does, how to use it best, and […]

  • Various Features In Git – Git Series Part 5

    git series Various Features In Git

    Now that we have seen how you can use a GUI or IDE to interact with a repository, let’s look at the many features that git offers to make life easier. I will demonstrate how to amend the previous commit message, how to see what files were changed in a commit, rebasing, and tools to help with […]

  • Git GUI Front-Ends And IDE Support – Git Series Part 4

    Git GUI Front Ends And IDE Support

    Developers have created third-party software (free or otherwise) that gives users a GUI to use for interacting with a repository. Here is an overview of a few programs that you can use. This is so you can have an idea of what you can expect from a GUI git client. I, personally, prefer the command-line; […]