Install discord on Linux

Install Discord On Linux

When you divide gaming into two eras, then you get gaming before the advent of Discord and after the advent of Discord. It has changed …
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Recently Discovered Vulnerabilities

WordPress 101

WordPress 101 is a series for WordPress beginners. It’ll teach WordPress basics, WordPress security, WordPress customization, and SEO.

WordPress Menus

WordPress Menu

Welcome back to WordPress 101 series. The series is dedicated to teaching WordPress CMS to WordPress beginners. If you have any questions, let me know …
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WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins

Welcome back to WordPress 101 series. In this 4th part of the series, we’ll learn about WordPress plugins, the biggest reason behind WordPress’s massive usage …
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Hacking with Kali Linux

Learn hacking or pen-testing with Kali Linux.

hacking with kali linux

Hacking With Kali Linux

​Today I am going to start a very interesting series of topics, Hacking with Kali Linux. In this series, I will start from the basics of …
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Learn jQuery

Learn Python

Learn Python basics in this series.

python list and tuples

Python Lists And Tuples

If you have had some programming exposure, I am sure you know about Arrays. Well, Python also has arrays but they are called Lists and …
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Learn Bash

Learn Bash scripting.

Learn Git

Learn Git basics in this series.