10 Best Icon Themes For Linux


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One of the coolest things you can do to your Linux desktop is tweaking it to suit you. One key part of the tweaking process is to change your icon theme and you probably are going to want to do this as some distros ship some displeasing icon themes. Fortunately, the Linux community provides a ton of themes that you can use to turn your Linux desktop around and looking good. Let’ take a look at some ten awesome available for your desktop.  

1 – Moka

€‹Moka was created with simplicity in mind. With the use of simple geometry & bright colors. Each Moka icons have been designed and optimized at every size to achieve a pixel-perfect look for your desktop. Moka is one of the complete icon themes with a very high number of application icons provided. So no matter which Linux desktop you are using, Moka has you covered.

Moka icon theme for linux

2 – Papirus

€‹Papirus is an icon theme with inspirations of material design and flatness for Linux desktops. All elements have a clear distinction and outline with a warm color’s tone. It is available in 4 main options; Papirus – main icon theme, Papirus Dark – for dark interfaces, Papirus Light – for light interfaces and ePapirus which is a mod made specifically for an elementary OS. Papirus looks great with the Arc theme on Arch Linux. It is currently available in the repositories of openSUSE, ArchLinux, Ubuntu, Solus, Manjaro, and Fedora.

papirus icon theme for linux

3 – Ubo Icons Theme

€‹The Ubo icons theme seeks to do things simply but it is very classy. It is neither glamorous nor glossy. It is, however, hand-drawn with a ballpoint pen, scanned and then colored in GIMP. This theme still has the status “work in progress and the developer claims there is still much work to support many applications and major desktop environments but now you use it on your desktop. It should work properly on GNOME, KDE, XFCE, and LXDE.

ubo icon theme for linux

4 – Faenza Icon Theme

€‹Faenza Icon theme uses a set of monochromatic icons on the panels, buttons, and toolbars whilst colorful squared icons are provided for apps, folders, files and menu items. It comes with an installation scriptlet that allows you to choose the logo of your favorite distribution and the appearance of the main menu icon (Gnome/distrib, monochrome/colour). The themes come in several variants to fit with light or dark panels, menus and toolbars.

faenza icon theme for linux

5 – Evolvere Icon Theme

Evolvere is colorful and clean icon theme which was initially created exclusively for light environments, however, after several requests, it has been adapted to work in dark environments, which you can use it through the variants “dark fallback”.

evolvere icon theme

6 – Dalisha Icon Theme ​Dalisha is a simple, clean and minimal icon set with rounded square icons (squircle) that have been consistently designed to add the finishing touch to your desktop it is beautiful and comes with a lot of icons for almost all your favorite Linux desktop apps.

dalisha icon theme for linux

7 – Vibrancy colors

€‹Vibrancy colors are based on Moka, Faba, Faenza, Numix and some icon sets with some integrated new design to produce a modern, clean and customizable icon set.Vibrancy is a different take on the “Flat” and “Modern Design” trend, using simple, beautiful and modern icons. But with a lot of handcrafted details and emotion. It comes with different colors of folders and in 5 Versions of Panel/Toolbar icon configurations all selectable for each color.

vibrancy colors icon theme for linux

8 – Compass

€‹Compass provides an icon set that looks like something worked for iOS with its rounded square and vibrant colors. It works great on both light and dark themes and should work on most desktop environments. Compass can get your desktop looking great.

compass icon theme

9 – Obsidian

Obsidian is a Faenza-based icon theme with a few new app-icons, blue-gray or green folders and new mimetype icons. Optimized for dark themes. This theme works great on dark themed Cinnamon, MATE and Gnome based desktops especially on Linux Mint and Ubuntu. You can also complement this with the Obsidian 2 desktop theme.

obsidian icon theme for linux

10 – Faience

€‹Faience icon theme is heavily based on Faenza icon set. It is very smooth and works great on Gnome shell. Much like Faenza, it also provides monochromatic icons for panels, toolbars, and buttons and colorful squared icons for devices, applications, folder, and files.

faience icon theme for linux


€‹So there you have it, some curated icon themes to transform your boring desktop into something lively. Do you prefer some other icon themes on your Linux desktop? Share with us in the comments section below and thanks for reading.