10 Popular Apps To Use In 2023


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We all run our favorite apps on your PC. This year you all will be wondering which apps are updated? Which are the best app to use this year, so let’s take a look at the 10 new best apps for 2023?

Firefox Web Browser

Yes! The first app on my list is Firefox. Why this? Well. there are reasons. Firstly there is only one competitor for Firefox on Linux and that is Chromium. Chromium is somewhat heavy and there is a somewhat lack of customizations. Dare you can change the search engine to Yahoo! in chromium.

Firefox also automatically unlocks your web account on startup with automatic login, while chromium wants the password to automatically unlock login keyring every time the computer boots up. So options, customizations made Firefox the best browser I recommend in 2023.


If I say Shotwell as the best image viewer on Linux, it may not be wrong. Shotwell features basic editing, a photo library, an image viewer, and many other features. If you guys are missing Picasa then Shotwell might be considered as its worth replacement.  


Kdenlive is the best amongst the list of video editors. It offers a plethora of options in editing video. From basic to advanced video editing Kdenlive comes in handy. It’s somewhat congested and not well grouped when using the first time but it is compensated by its power of editing making it eligible to be on your machine in 2023.  


No one here will disagree with this app. VLC has been the best media player for Linux. Coming completely free, able to play almost any video, instant converting, network streaming are some of the best options you will find in VLC. I haven’t come across a single video till today which VLC was not able to play. Also, there are many apps in Android, iOS that will allow you to control VLC using mobile as a remote is truly awesome. Overall it is an evergreen app.  


Clementine in my personal opinion is the best music player app on Linux. Why? Well, clementine lets you play music not only from your PC but from a plethora of online music service providers like Spotify, SoundCloud, etc. You can also play your playlist stored on PC using clementine on android. Clementine can play almost any music regardless of its format. So definitely it deserves to be on your PC this year.  


WinFF is not really an app rather it is a GUI for FFmpeg. FFmpeg is an awesome media converter for Linux. It can convert almost any type of media into another. WinFF is a GUI to simplify its conversion and lets you easily convert media files in it using FFmpeg. So if you were searching for the best converter for this year, stop right now! Here it is.  


Well. I can term uGET as the IDM of Linux. It is the best download manager available for Linux and that too for multiple distros. Resumable downloads, instant acceleration are some of the features that make uGET awesome. So, If you are a guy who downloads large files, movies uGET is a must on your PC this year.  

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Probably the best file search utility on Linux. Catfish file search is way too fast to search the type of file you require instantly. It has a very simple interface in which you can decide the path to search, type of file, and name and Go! Catfish displayed all my personal findings in less than a minute. So if you have got too many files on your PC and always have trouble finding the files, this year stop all troubles and use Catfish.  


You got too much junk files, broken dependencies, thumbnail cache and much more. How are you going to clean your PC? Here Bleachbit comes to rescue. Bleachbit cleans your PC like a charm and saves a lot of space. There are too many choices available that you can choose to save you PC from much of the junk and boost its productivity.


Cheese uses your webcam to take photos and videos, applies fancy special effects, and lets you share the fun with others. It was written as part of Google’s 2007 Summer of Code lead by daniel g. Siegel and mentored by Raphaël Slinckx.

With Cheese, it is easy to take photos of your friends, pets, or whatever you want and share them with others.  


The list of best apps doesn’t end yet! There are always the best apps in all of our eyes. These apps were best as they have been performing best for years. Personally, I own all of them and many other apps too. I would love to hear your best apps too for 2023. Let me know by commenting below! I am listening.