10 Top Companies That Are Powered By Linux


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Linux is one of the most popular operating systems used for many companies, in this article you are going to find 10 companies that use Linux.  

1. Oracle

oracle use linux

​It’s one of the biggest and most popular companies that offer informatics products and services, it uses Linux and also it has its own Linux distribution called “Oracle Linux”.Oracle is one of my favorites enterprises because it has excellent products like databases, java, virtualization software, operating systems and more.

​Oracle offers two operating systems: Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux, if you want to try its Linux distro you can get an Oracle account for free and then download the ISO file to install the system, but you should check the requirements because Oracle Linux can not be installed on all computers.

oracle linux distro


​It was a company that made software and other products, at present, it is a part of another enterprise called Micro Focus. Novell offers its own Linux distro: SUSE Linux.SUSE Linux: Distro Review Of The Week

novell linux and opensuse

SUSE Linux is one of the most important distributions because there are a lot of companies that use it. SUSE Linux is a distro that provides excellent support for servers. You can buy SUSE Linux or if you want to try a free alternative, you can get OpenSUSE, this last is a good Linux distribution based in SUSE.


​SUSE offers professional training in Linux and if you want, you can get a certificate by SUSE, you can find other services and products in its official website:

SUSE: https://www.suse.com/
NOVELL: http://www.novell.com/home/
OpenSUSE: https://www.opensuse.org/

3. RedHat

RedHat is a company that provides many products like Linux platforms, virtualization software, cloud computing, storage, and mobile solutions. Also, it offers professional services of capacitation, certification, and consultancy.

redhat uses linux

RedHat was very popular because it was one of the companies that started to promote Linux, it has its own Linux distribution as well.

redhat linux

Fedora Linux constitutes the base to build RedHat Linux. RedHat is one of my favorite companies because it contributes to writing great part of the Linux kernel code.  

4. Google

There are many people that know that Linux is the leader talking about operating systems that make the web works, and Google is a great part of the web, in my opinion, Google is the web for most users.

google use linux

Google’s servers are powered by Linux, Android is powered by Linux and Chrome OS is powered by Linux also!

gmail, drive is powered by linux

I meet a lot of people that know nothing about Linux, but all the people are using Linux thanks to Google.  

5. IBM

It is a great company that offers products like software and other solutions. IBM provides many technological solutions based on Linux systems. Also, you can get a Linux certificate by IBM, if you’re interested in IBM technologies and products you can visit its official website: https://www.ibm.com

LinuxONE: http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/linuxone/

IBM uses linux

6. Facebook

​It is one of the most popular social networks, created by Mark Zuckerberg Facebook is, in my opinion, the best social network of the moment because it has too many characteristics that are very useful.​If you scan the facebook web address using nmap or another tool you will see that it is using Linux. I’m happy because Facebook’s servers are powered by Linux because it demonstrates that Linux is a good choice to use on a web server. Linux has the power to keep stability even with excessive information.

facebook uses linux

7. Amazon

It is another company that uses Linux on its servers, you can check it making a scan to Amazon web address. I think that it doesn’t manage data as much as Facebook does, but, also it needs a system with high capabilities and once again Linux is the best choice.

amazon uses linux


It is one of the companies that started to sell personal computers with Linux. You can buy a dell laptop with Ubuntu pre-installed. Also, Dell offers other computers with Linux like workstations and servers.

dell uses linux

9. Samsung

In my opinion, I think that Samsung improves mobile technology and it’s doing it through Linux. Samsung sales millions of mobile devices with Android and also it offers Chromebooks. You know that Android and Chrome OS are powered by Linux, so you can choose between Linux and the others.

samsung chromebook uses linux

10. Microsoft

I know that it is incredible but it’s true, Microsoft loves Linux and is using it. For example, Microsoft Azure offers virtual machines with Linux and also it offers virtual containers with Docker. If you thought that Microsoft hated Linux, you were wrong. I’ve heard that recently Microsoft joined Linux Foundation and now it is a platinum member.

microsoft loves linux